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In this video we show my brother around Stockholm, Sweden. We check out the cherry blossoms in kungsträdgården, take a walk through the old town (gamla stan), and enjoy a beautiful spring day in the Swedish capital.

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  • charlie Brown 11 months ago

    You got my boat in the first drone Shot

  • LH Consulting 11 months ago

    Great video with amazing editing ! I really enjoyed it thanks !

  • CLARA T 11 months ago

    I love my sweden <3

  • Priscilla Stacy Correa 11 months ago

    I visited Stockholm last August with my best friend stayed with my Swedish friends in södermalm I love Sweden and especially Stockholm. I will live there one day, I enjoy your videos very much and am slowly learning Swedish! This video brought great nostalgia everywhere you filmed and walked I was there! Tack så mycket! Made my day 🇸🇪💕

  • I can't watch this. Your brother is annoyingly american

  • MLGJan 11 months ago

    Stockholm the crime city lmao

  • Julian Burley 11 months ago

    Har du åkt på Silja Line? Det kan vara en ganska billig resa, men jätte kul!

  • Eunbit Park 11 months ago

    "Fika is my life" haha. you're brother is funny

  • PrototypeTheGamingHell 11 months ago

    Stockholms blodbad was done by a "Swedish king" but no one today would see him as that "Swedish king" as he was the Danish king, although he might have been crowned to be the Swedish king he will not be seen as one. Kristian Tyrann… His popularity went downhill after that which would help the later king, King Gustav Vasa which would end the Kalmar union and break free from the Danes. Kristian II thought this would keep Sweden in the Kalmar union if he killed the people who were against the union but it only spiked more hate in the Swedes. You'er pretty much offending us Swedes saying a Swedisg king did Stockholms blodbad when it was a Danish king.

  • Miranda Lundin 11 months ago

    I think that the king owns the palace(?) but doesn’t live there lol . Eeyy you passed by my house!! (Watching the video the same time as I’m writing)

  • Why Are You Wasting Your Time Reading My Username? 11 months ago

    You really need to visit Gothenburg, Sweden next largest city. Bet you'll love It.

  • Andy108953 11 months ago

    You know that "the flag is raised means that the king is in there" is a myth, they always raise the flag at sun-up every day. Nothing else then that. 🙂

  • Screaming Eagle 11 months ago

    You should go to the Science fiction library in old town, it is my favourite store of them all!

  • Time and Space 11 months ago

    You should definitely go to Kalmar this summer. Kalmar has been voted the best summer city in Sweden for the fourth time in a row this year, so it's definitely worth it, an it's not that big of a city either so you'll be able to see it all during a weekend trip. Stockholm is so big and there's so much to do that I always feel I never have time to see everything I want to when I go there.

    Kalmar Stadsfest is August 9-11 and there are tons of free concerts and stuff. It's always great.

  • Xantippa1000 11 months ago

    What a great day you had. 😀 Love to see people enjoy themselves.