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We drive the 5 hours from Garmish in Bavaria to Interlaken Switzerland. Right away we feel at home in the Balmers Interlaken hostel. Wow. This hostel is amazing. We’ve been to many hostels around the world, and Balmers is at the top of our list now.

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Fight For You by Dyalla

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  • Smail Liams 1 year ago

    Who's feels thirsty when he saw the bottle of water

  • Travel Gretl 1 year ago

    Haha, yeah, more money to travel here! 🙂 It's my favorite country by far, and very glad to be able to go here with a car full of food not to spend too much 😀

    We went to Interlaken too – loved it 😀

  • Ed Patrick 1 year ago

    the tour brought back great memories from a trip in 2009, great place. Came back to Interlaken this year but Balmers was closed so Air BnB'd it 🙂

  • Pocket Trailblazer 1 year ago

    Hey guys, saw you on the Travel Beans LIVE youtube today so wanted to check your stuff out and have been binge watching! Love it all – especially Switzerland!! ha ha you have a new fan!

  • Nate Johnson Music 1 year ago

    My wife, her brother and I are going to Interlaken next august. We are going to be staying at Balmers and I stumbled upon your video. You guys got me super excited for our Europe trip. We are going to Prague, Paris, INterlaken and Munich and places in between so I will be watching more of your videos for more to keep the stoke level up!

  • keshava kini 1 year ago

    Hey is the restaurant at balmers open to non lodgers??

  • Did I see a table fan in your luggage? You carry a table fan through Europe? do I need one?

  • teri molenaar 1 year ago

    Did you happen to say how much the hostile was in interlaken?

  • Vaz Aonde 1 year ago

    Balmers s2!

  • 777dingo 1 year ago

    How much does the hostel cost? does everyone get a private room?

  • Maxwell Oakes 1 year ago

    I was there in Aug 2002 and loved it, balmers is the best hostel I've ever been to by far!

  • baron d 1 year ago

    Ash reminds me of famous Justine Shapiro of Discovery/Learning Channel …few differences are….. Ash is more lively, more spontaneous and more viewer friendly . So better than Justine according to me…..Josh seems to be a professional anchor and awesome cinematographer not to mention his editing qualities.. The way he handles the drones are really amazing.

  • Oswaldo Miguel 1 year ago

    Hey Ash and Josh! Are you staying at Balmers working as Worldpackers?

  • Perfect Little Planet 1 year ago

    We're excited to see your experience in Interlaken. We were only there for an afternoon, and it was overcast and hazy so we couldn't see the mountains. It looks beautiful now though!

  • Mel and Jona Travel 1 year ago

    Just stumbled across your channel guys, great vlog – we're planning an eventual trip to Switzerland – I think we'll be watching a few of your videos for this! Subbed for more.

  • AskAConcierge 1 year ago

    Goooooooood Morning!!!! Hahah! Love those cows!

  • CoolCat Carolena 1 year ago

    OMG! I love this! So many places to still visit…thank you both for such a pleasurable video experience.

  • Vathsan - 1 year ago

    ya the WCs are damn expensive. But When you pay for the Sanifair WC you get a 0.50 euro voucher. In case you throw it away thinking its insignificant at the point, dont. I guess it is not limited to that day or that complex where u use the WC…you can collect it and use somewhere else where it makes sense to you. Check it out. and nice video again 🙂

  • Ana Ballano 1 year ago

    OMG!Your hostel is so nice and your bedroom too!!!The Jagermeister lamp is so original as well!!!Be careful with hangovers 🙂

  • Martin Larsen 1 year ago

    You don't read a book in a hammock, for long. You fall asleep real fast 😀 Especially if you get a gentle sway going, then you go down faster than a schoolgirl in a barfight.

  • Erik Stoop 1 year ago

    The thing to do in Interlaken is go up the Jungfraujoch. Expensive but worth it. It is cold up there though.