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THIS is REAL CHINA 🤩😂 NOT what YOU think 😱



►Are NEW Chinese buildings really FALLING DOWN? –

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China, Real, think, 💰, 🇨🇳

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  • tammylovesmakeup 1 year ago

    Yeah that dude is quite tall for being a Chinese man

  • tammylovesmakeup 1 year ago

    As a Hispanic would I get stared at? Hahahahha

  • tammylovesmakeup 1 year ago

    So Mexicans look like farmers and have farm boy hats with tanned skin hahahah

  • Creees 1 year ago

    15:00 "Gary, hello" are there others in deep china?

  • Creees 1 year ago

    was that the Chinese Jay Z driving the Hummer?

  • Andrew Brazzale 1 year ago

    Right in the gob

  • splinkster1 1 year ago

    Cute dog, as for Marlon Brando I'd be careful using his name unless you are a "Chubby Chaser and Hershey Highway Lover " like him as recently revealed….. Was that Prozzie's turtle "Dickpound" being resold?

  • 朱建龙 1 year ago

    fukang hotel

  • The Mexican guy was my favorite part of the video

  • budi RJ 1 year ago

    If that Salmon got propa layer of fat, it's probably farmed salmon from EU, some from Norway,, you don't want to eat that, it got lots of pesticide and drug in it and is considered to be very toxic.

  • mouse livinglarge 1 year ago

    I have lived in china 10 years 12 years 15 years etc….  I want to be a youtube star when I leave.  Nickelback  ~rockstar~I checked my values at the airport it's a culture thing.

  • AraelIlabaca 1 year ago

    this one was not that gay