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Visiting China? I wrote up some things you should know before going —

This video deserves wayyy over a Million views! it got 500k+ hits on Vimeo but only 100k+ on youtube… it’s also been re-posted on youtube by some smaller channels so…. figured I had to re-post it. It needs a revitalizing!! So share it on facebook!

So i stumbled on this video in 2013 after a ‘2-weak’ trip to Thailand and began to itch with the travel bug… and started watching lots of youtube to scratch the itch…

It was so mesmerizing at the time… and still is… the colors.. the cinematography… the music………… i remember thinking like, ‘how do these colorful cities exists on the other side of the world and hardly even anyone knows they exist?!…. especially Guangzhou….. 4 years ago i didn’t even know it existed… or was the 3rd largest city in China for that matter…………… and now my life (and youtube) freaking took me here. Surreal.

Cheers to the filmmaker Zweizwei for making this inspiring piece.
Check out his other! He’s got more of these from around the world!


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中国 广州

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  • The Future is Waifu 7 months ago

    Hey! I'm a German who's been living in Guangzhou for over 10 years and I consider this city my home with no intent to move back to Germany. I am married to a local woman, I have met some of my best friends in Guangzhou, I even speak Cantonese. I have founded and fully own three very successful companies in human resources, communication technology and quality insurance here, I employ 237 people in total. I must say that China gave me opportunities that Germany couldn't and allowed me to express my ambition in life. This country is amazing and the people are incredible. And yes, I was also very impressed with ZweiZwei's video at the time back in 2012, it perfectly portrays how I feel about Guangzhou and more generally about China.

  • Lawrence Luo 7 months ago

    Amazing video!

  • heart bl 7 months ago

    good job!

  • Marilyn yap 7 months ago

    Nice editing, the view was so beautiful, thank you

  • Evan Hao 7 months ago

    Shanghai's video is very old

  • Deejay Bishop 7 months ago

    Amazing video bro. I was just there 2 weeks ago. I wish i could have mad a video like this lol. I didnt see that glass star shaped convention center type building. Wow. #salute.

  • Ken Yup 7 months ago

    I like your music,it's really fantastic

  • Monte-Carlo Gaz 7 months ago

    Guangzhou and Shanghai, 2 of the very best places I’ve ever visited. In fact, the Far East places of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand are the greatest and most wonderfully amazing places I’ve ever visited and I have literally been all around the World, including shitty USA.

  • jiexi zhao 7 months ago

    订阅,订阅,订阅 😛

  • Kong King 7 months ago

    you are a professional photographer

  • 하 하 7 months ago

    The future superpower (China)

  • Yasuaki Syuu 7 months ago

    that baby was so cute😄

  • Janet Jones 7 months ago

    What month did you visit China I want to go but I read that during certain months it's cold and the air can be heavily polluted

  • Abhay Achal 7 months ago

    Mumbai is better than all these cities combined

  • Lucky Fisher 7 months ago

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! I lived in Guangzhou 20 years ago, I am sure I will get lost if I go back there.

  • 徐凌 7 months ago

    at 1:38 the building is located in university campus island. Its worth going that if you have plenty of time. The campus is HUGE. It is like a city

  • Marry Me 7 months ago

    Dude a lot of scenes r shanghai actually

  • Marry Me 7 months ago

    Just came back from Guangzhou, I confess it is so incredible as ur video shows

  • RengFu Tan 7 months ago

    I watched that video 5 years ago is absolutely amazing.

  • Jim Wong 7 months ago

    雖然廣州和深圳冇其他大陸城市咁有特色,但喺它比中國主要的兩個一線城市上海和北京更發達,人均GDP為22000美元國際購買價為$41000比上海和北京高(上海=US$17000 PPP=$32000;北京=US$18000 PPP=$33000)。作為一個在香港長大的廣東人,真是令我感到非常驕傲驕傲

  • 清德賴 7 months ago

    这个视频过时了。在中国2年的视频就算过时。。中国3年一小变 5年一大变。欢迎来旅行~!

  • 孙汶 7 months ago

    well..pls check this video, chongqing,china.

  • jjkfunda 7 months ago

    Wow! Thank you. This was an eye opener to how beautiful China is and also clean. The people too seem very pleasant. Though, I wouldn't risk eating anything non veg there, I'll go veg of I should visit…lol. Maybe you should cover some real genuine chines food and how they are served. It may confirm or dispell the myths we hear about chines food. Great cinamotagraphy and music on this video…👍

  • Jason Worldwide Productions 7 months ago

    Wow, you're right. Awesome video. Man, the US has nothing compared to these magnificent, mega Asian cities. That's funny you mention how you've watched that video many times and it inspired you to travel. I have a similar story…the video called, "The Amazing City of Chiang Mai." I stumbled across that video back in 2012 and that started my interest and desire to travel and move to Asia. I've watched that video many times and is still my favorite. Have yet to start the journey, but soon👍

  • Winnie Loves Life 7 months ago

    So beautifully shot

  • Matrix 7 months ago

    I'm going to share this video