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Tokyo Travel Tips and Hacks! Top 11 things to make your trip smoother! Please comment down below if you have any specific Tokyo, Japan or travel questions! I’d love to make another video talking about activities and specific hotels to stay in, more subway tips, etc.

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  • Serge Rybak 9 months ago

    TFW the video becomes an Audible infomercial

  • I'm going to toyama, japan in 2 weeks for 3 months I'm so scared omg

  • Shaz W 9 months ago

    What happens if I have credit left on my Suica card that I plan to buy in Tokyo? Can I still use it in Kyoto and Osaka? Also, what about if I buy my Suica card in Tokyo, use it in Kyoto and Osaka, and still have credit left on the card before I leave Japan? Can I hand it in somewhere at Osaka Airport and get any remaining credit back in cash? Also, can I use it to buy a Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto and to get a regional train from Kyoto to Osaka? Lots of questions (^^)

  • Rosita Chua 9 months ago

    Hi, I just checked 100,000 Yen per day for a couple means $1119.30 Canadian. Don't you think that is too much? I wonder if you had made an error in the amount. 10,000 Yen is more realistic for a couple per day.

  • joseph dunn 9 months ago

    Super important and how could you forget. Prepare yourself for earthquakes. Familiarize yourself of what to do if you are from an area that isn't prone to earthquakes but, if you're from California and have experienced many earthquakes such as myself, then you can take your experience with you to Japan.

  • chunkbun 9 months ago

    Hi Jesse! My family and I are going to Tokyo this November for the first time and i have no idea where to stay! We are staying there for three days and I would like to know the most affordable hotel that you would recommend?

  • Jack Dwiggins 9 months ago

    Great video Jesse, glad you included the tip about being polite.

  • Vu Anh Phuong 9 months ago

    Thank you!!! very helpful, great tips <3

  • happySINGINGpeople 9 months ago

    This video was VERY helpful! Thank you so much!

  • MerelMystery 9 months ago

    One thing that I am confused about is that the metro line that goes in a circle is Green on some images and Pink on others. It is the same line?

  • MerelMystery 9 months ago

    Great video. There are many videos that are similair but this one seems most useful.

  • Melanie Brown 9 months ago

    Thanks so much for this video! Going in September and can't wait!

  • Geoffrey Mariano 9 months ago

    Hi. Thanks for this informative video. 😀 Do you have another video showing the best itinerary on how to explore tokyo in the most convenient way or that will maximize my 5 full days for tour. Thanks so much. 😊

  • digitaltissue 9 months ago

    Amazing video – thank you!!!!!

  • job489 9 months ago

    Are places open on Marine Day in Japan?

  • A prime 9 months ago

    Is pocket wifi better than a pre SIM card as I only have an IPhone and no iPad ?

    SIM card is cheaper so why pocket over a sim card

  • Jennifer Lederer 9 months ago

    Great advice about the pocket wifi!

  • Julia Grathwol 9 months ago

    Starting to plan my 4 days in Tokyo. I'd like full and/or half days with a guide some of the time there. Are there particular neighborhoods more confusing than others? IE-Marunouchi and Nihombashi are quieter, so self guided would be better. However, a guide for Shinjuku and Harajuku is recommended. Thanks!

  • app0the 9 months ago

    Why pocket wifi rather than a SIM card?

  • unowen7591 9 months ago

    100,000 YEN per day lmao

  • ImJumPmaNx 9 months ago

    Nice audible plug! Might actually try it out for my flight. Never listened to anyone else's audible ads.

  • Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto 9 months ago

    best video about tips on going to tokyo, life-saver thank u

  • awesome tips man

  • So Cool Staff 9 months ago

    you have almost discribed every trip i've taken to Tokyo apart from pocket wifi and my flight time ( 7hr flight 7hr stop over 7hr flight ) and time diff is almost the same as Japan for me. When i first went to Tokyo i spent ages looking at Google earth street view so i knew where i was going before i got to Tokyo, it helped alot.

  • Stefan de Jong 9 months ago

    If I can give another tip. Look up some hotels near to the airport you're landing. There's a very good chance they offer a free bus-ride from the aiport to the hotel, and vice versa.