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Situated in the Asian continent, Saudi Arabia is the country known for its beautiful valleys, striking mountains and Red Sea beaches. The thirteen provinces of this country have some amazingly good places to visit at least once in a life time because where there is desert, there is an oasis too.

Top 10 most amazing places in Saudi Arabia

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  • sharon alvarez 10 months ago

    You should have shown the real photo of Madain Saleh and not Petra in Jordan 😂. If you need a photo of Madain Saleh, I've been there and have some photos.

  • Z Salty 10 months ago

    Stop lying man. That's Petra in Jordan 🇯🇴. Not Madian Salih.

  • Faizal Nizar 10 months ago

    Talks about kingdom tower… Shows a picture of burj Khalifa and says its in jeddah…. Get a life and quit youtube

  • Dominique Tsu 10 months ago

    Madain is similar to Petrain Jordan,

  • Touseef Ahmed 10 months ago

    I went to madain Saleh was Awesome