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Ever wonder what to pack (and what not to pack) for a trip to Japan? Many of these tips are useful for any travels, but some of them you might need to keep in mind when packing for a trip to Japan. I also show you how I pack lightly and fit everything I need into one carry-on. Hopefully this will help you guys plan and prepare your trip! Make sure to TRAVEL LIGHT!!!

Packing List – keep in mind your list might vary depending on your needs and wants so just use this as a guide:
– 1 week worth of outfits for any trip length between 1-4 weeks (For the summer, I usually bring: 1 nicer but comfortable dress; 3 tanktops; 1 T-shirt; 1 button-up shirt; 1 blouse; shorts or jeans; skirt – for you girls out there, make sure your skirt doesn’t fly up easily or you’ll feel so annoyed having to hold it down; underwear and PJ shorts. For winter, I bring the same type of clothes but with long sleeves, one thick coat, and a couple of thermal underwear which you can also easily buy at Uniqlo in Japan. You will also want to bring scarf/hats depending on your needs.)
– Comfortable easy to slip on/off shoes
– Extremely minimal toiletries (better to buy in Japan!)
– Power adapter (preferably one with multiple plugs and USB)
– Portable Battery for your phone
– One small bag to hold all your valuables including PASSPORT (and visa or any other travel documents you might need), wallet, phone, extra camera batteries, earphones, tissue, wet towels and body wipes
– Laptop/tablet and charger
– Camera, extra battery and charger

Besides money and travel documents, you really don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. You can easily shop for everything in Japan, all the basic things are widely available and easy to find. Just make sure to TRAVEL LIGHT since you’ll do a lot of walking, and probably need to go on public transportation with your luggage.

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