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Here’s my list of top 10 things to do in Hong Kong! I spent 2 days there (and 1 day in Macau – stay tuned for a video on Macau soon!) and it was so much fun! I also loved the food so much I want to dedicated a separate video on that! Make sure to watch the whole video to see all the extra tips I’m sharing with you guys!

List of things to do in Hong Kong (I include time I spent there so you guys can use it when planning your trip):
Nan Lian Garden (about an hour)
Museum of History (spent 2h there but 3h would be better)
Victoria Peak – ride the Peak Tram (2h including watching Symphony of Lights)
Temple Street Night Market (you can spend any amount of time here shopping and eating!)
Lan Kwai Fong
Central Mid-Level Escalator
Duddell Street: Starbucks + gas lamps
Ride Ding Ding
Visit a monastery/temple (spent about 30min at Po Lin Monastery)
Big Buddha (about 30min but you can spend more time at Ngong Ping where Big Buddha is situated)

Travel tips for Hong Kong:
1. If your time is limited, quickly walk through the bottom floor and save most of your time for the 2nd floor of HK Museum of History
2. Sit on the right side of the Peak Tram for a better view going up
3. Purchase tickets of the Peak Tram in advance to save waiting time
4. Watch Symphony of Lights at Kowloon Pier for best view (and there are less people compared to other popular viewing spots)
5. Visit Ngong Ping (Tian Tan Buddha & Po Lin Monastery) on your way to/from the airport

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  • Rob Vira 1 week ago

    When will you post your Macau video?

  • Mystery Big Island 1 week ago

    Why do Japanese advertise HK?
    UK Freemasonry spy?

  • Miniature Cooking with Ching 1 week ago

    What an awesome travel guide channel ! My kids love this. Thanks for sharing my friend . Keep posting please !!

  • Cally Ch'ng 1 week ago

    Hi tokiyuyu! Love ur videos! I am heading to Sapporo this coming feb and never really been to a place that will snow a lot! Would appreciate video on what to pack when travelling to japan during winter especially on what best shoe wear to bring! Thank u!

  • Claudia A. Valencia 1 week ago

    Notification squad!!!

  • Rob Vira 1 week ago

    This is wonderful. I am planning on taking my parents to Hong Kong and Macau in January for 3 days. I used your video when my family when to Tokyo. My wife loved your shopping videos. Thank you so much for your videos.

  • why8 1 week ago

    Thanks Yuyu for this video. Have been to HongKong once but you made me realise all the places I missed so I want to go again! Can’t wait for your next videos!

  • Did Ber 1 week ago

    J'ai aussi passé 3 ans à Xiang gang au Lycée International Français… It reminds me of those dear years! =_=

  • Real Hedi 1 week ago

    Can you make a video on best shopping mall in Tokyo or any big shooping street ? thanks

  • Jean Wang 1 week ago

    random – i'll be going to hk for 2 days and macau for 1 day tomorrow too – just came from japan and taiwan trip.

  • Julie Tai 1 week ago

    I will be going to HK this month. Can’t wait to eat their street food and buy snacks!😋

  • Scott Miller 1 week ago

    That was great! I'd love to visit one day.

  • Luiz Gustavo Lima 1 week ago

    Thanks, Yuyu!! Really tempted to be back to Hong Kong and Macau!