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A country rich in history, culture, architecture and natural beauty is a country that is rich in happy visitors. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Spanish Tourist Attractions and Destinations. Check us out at, and

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  • Mikel Arana Etxarri 11 months ago

    Sgrada Familia number one? Overated!

  • Sheila B 11 months ago


  • Immortan Joe 11 months ago

    Spain also has a 18% unemployment rate.

  • ogbkballa 11 months ago

    Wtf is "seviyay"?

  • ricardo menjivar 11 months ago

    i am disagre plasa mayor is the most amazing didi you see inside who is bigger

  • Diego Apalategui 11 months ago

    that is NOT la concha beach, wtf

  • Barcelona CityTellers 11 months ago

    Proud of our country!
    Nice video!

  • Clement Ng 11 months ago

    Holy family church barcelona, playa concha,

  • Clement Ng 11 months ago

    Burgos cathedral, cuenca, monastery lorenzo escorial,

  • Clement Ng 11 months ago

    Prado, royal palace, madrid; alcazar sevilla ; ibiza; barcelona, pamplona, plaza mayor madrid, mezquita mosque cordoba, granada's alhambra;

  • Atharva Mahajan 11 months ago

    Real Madrid fans, butthurt much? 😀

  • JaviG 17 11 months ago

    Thumbs down not because it is not good, but lacks grabbing my attention 😤 which prevents anyone to want to watch this

  • Dark King 11 months ago

    Savviea?? Lol

  • Dark King 11 months ago

    Savviea?? Lol

  • Anxo Bello 11 months ago

    You forget Santiago de Compostela, Bilbao, the peaks of Europe in Asturias, the acueduct of Segovia, the castles of Castilla…

  • Javichu 11 months ago


  • Seven498 11 months ago

    That is not the Royal Palace in Madrid, it is the Royal Palace in Aranjuez.

  • Emm hello '??? Valencia ??? the city of arts and science (ciudad de las artes y las ciencias) the best beaches and best food ??? LAS FALLAS !!!! wtf, whoever did this top was an idiot.

  • kryceksangel 11 months ago

    I can't believe you didn't mention places like the Guggenheim Museum or Santiago de Compostella.  Course Santiago de Compostella isn't a tourist destination but it's something to see.

  • Elias Ferraz 11 months ago

    La de la foto será La Concha de Villalgarrobo de Arriba, porque la de Donosti desde luego no es…

  • Harrison Clarke 11 months ago

    videowontload why yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy