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Backpacking India? These top 5 travel tips for india should help you trip planning essentials in transportation, health, and more.

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Delhi ✈
Kolkata ✈
Varanasi ✈

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  • TheHarharmahadev v 1 year ago

    70% of indian lives in rural parts of india . Do visit them

  • pranjal mishra 1 year ago

    The information was up to the mark …!!! And girl you are beautiful !!!

  • SabbyLatty 1 year ago

    Watch me bring 500-800$ range to India…😍😘😈

  • Nisha Nplias Yaj 1 year ago

    Thumbs up girl. Your right on the dot. People, listen to her.

  • Renee Price 1 year ago

    very insightful thank you.

  • prarthana 1 year ago

    People like u create a wrong image about India, u come to india stay in cheap hotels to save money and thn complain about the color of bedsheet.. Seriously! India has got world class hotels of all range if u are willing to spend a bit more(Novotel,Taj Vivanta, le meridian etc) bt inorder to save money u go nd stay in cheap budget hotels and thn make videos protraying as if india does not even have a decent hotel..and let me tell u, u dont look like a foreigner at all coz u have a look of north eastern indian so no one will be staring at u.. And if u go to villages and areas whr ppl are poor and cannot effort a camera they ll for sure be amazed, i bet if u go to any cities in india no one ll even give a shit about ur selfie stop protraying india in such way..always remember that you are a medium for ppl who ve nt visited india to ve a perception abt it, So be careful abt wat u talk…. And let me tell u in my plc of work there are many Americans and Canadians employee with blonde hair and fair skin and few with blue eyes.. Bt they are not stared when they roam around our office campus..

  • Yauling Liu 1 year ago

    the full form os STD in India is Subscriber trunk dialling… lol
    I am also based in india where are you travelling about in india? i'm in bombay

  • The Anti-Hero 1 year ago

    i loved india very much but the motor bike travel i dont recommend it the policemen asked for a lot of bribes

  • I was able to be well prepared went I arrived to India last year thanks to your tips. Like many I also far in love with India I am planning to go back this year. I wish every foreign go to India a least once.

  • so sorry 2 1 year ago

    so miss Christine ur vlogs on india is all out or u have more vlogs to uploadafter the last momos vlog in darjeeling

  • Rahul Shrivastava 1 year ago

    Still any body want any help i am here in india i will give genuine advice

  • Alpha Centauri 1 year ago

    STD = sexually transmitted diseases
    STD = Standard trunk Dialing = phone booths

  • neolooser Saga 1 year ago

    STD mean (subscriber trunk dialing) abbreviation is STD

  • neolooser Saga 1 year ago

    guys u must know behind Mark (FB) and Steve Jobs both were inspired and behind there success was the an "Indian Saint" . find more about them.

  • eligeti santhosh 1 year ago

    U got the indian vibe. Keep going..

  • Clinton Azzopardi 1 year ago

    Hi there, just noted in the very begining that you were wearing a veil – what's your advice on wearing a veil in India? I'm travelling with my partner i want to make sure that we don't offend anyone – are there particular areas that wearing a veil is a must

  • shaun tewari 1 year ago

    People can use restroom of any hotel and restaurant, as per law the manager can't deny you

  • errrrm78 1 year ago

    Very useful. I'm going to Pune and Mumbai for a week's work trip with my employer with 2 personal touring days.

  • tan s 1 year ago

    I am looking to go to india aloneee but at the same time i don't want to go alone ahah! But I don't want to go with anyone i currently know.. Anyone wanna join?

  • Zyber junker 1 year ago

    Why is so much blah blah w/o VDO.

  • so sorry 2 1 year ago

    u know for u 5th point we all should thank you to british

  • Samudra Barman 1 year ago

    foreigners are always complaining about India …if u want luxurious train …plz book maharaja train (tickets prices starts from 300000 rupees -1700000rupees (4383.7 usd – 26753usd )
    They will give you the best services ….even the plates and spoons which are used in dining costs 800usd per piece ….#Indian higher middle class don't prefer those shitty trains …if u have money India is great and if u don't have money India is a shitty place

  • Simon Cao 1 year ago

    Be confident my India Bros. India is invincible because you have 2 talismans in your pocket — the best caste system in the universe, and the best democrazy system in the universe.
    With these 2 magic weapons, India will not only be a superpower on the Earth, but also be the conqueror of the whole Universe…. Victory belongs to India!

  • Kimberly Chaffee 1 year ago

    GRRRLTRAVELER, I am planning my first solo overseas vacation in New Dehli and Agra in a couple years from now (2019 at the earliest). Is it better/cheaper to buy items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and/or toilet paper (or any other bum-wiping material) when I arrive in New Dehli or should I pack these items in my luggage before I leave? I don't want to pack a bunch of heavy and/or bulky items if they are easily obtainable in New Dehli. I do plan on bringing my own sunscreen, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and feminine products (as I understand these items may not be easy to find there). Is that a good idea? Basically, what kind of toiletries should I bring with me as a female traveler in India and what items can be easily found while in the country? Also, do you have any recommendations as to what kind of insect repellent I should use? Mosquitoes absolutely love me but I'd really like to avoid them as much as possible.