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Hey guys, this video is covering some of Ukraine’s main attractions for those who hadn’t been there before, definitely must see spots around the city. In the upcoming video I’ll be doing a more local take on Kiev. Hope you enjoy! xo

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  • Prabh Cheema 6 days ago

    U r very beautiful,Please come India,I will show u India for free,Anyway Nice video, Beautiful Kiev.

  • ukrainedude88 6 days ago

    Looks really nice after Maidan Revolution. One day I will visit Kiev.

  • Gert van Wyk 6 days ago

    Stop saying GUY S Althea time

  • amandeepv 6 days ago

    What's it like if you're an Indian tourist?

  • Sam Cheeta 6 days ago

    Beautiful woman, beautiful city, delicious looking food, hope to visit someday.

  • Luigi Corleone 6 days ago

    How can I contact you Alina? I do not see any email address??I want to travel to Ukraine to personally meet several girls, I want to marry some that I like to my. please contact me, this is my personal email:

  • Luigi Corleone 6 days ago

    Hello Alina! How are you? My name is Luigi Corleone, Nice to meet you on video!! I really like your videos, very soon I want to visit Ukraine,I want to marry with a pretty girl from Ukraine, but I need a tour guide, obviously I will pay for your services. This is my personal email, please write me. please I need your help!!

  • Anh Tran 6 days ago

    Awesome,so beautiful country,I would love to be there someday!
    Thank you for your video!

  • cdanielm 6 days ago

    I would love to know Kiev!!… looks fantastic! 😀

  • Nizar Jaff 6 days ago

    Jeez hope I find a Ukrainian women

  • Bradley S 6 days ago

    Interesting how my wife was born in 1983 in Lviv and speaks Ukrainian and Russian fluently. A majority of our family there speaks Ukrainian, much much older than you.

  • Ravi Gurung 6 days ago


  • Gilad Lukash 6 days ago

    hottest woman on earth

  • Shrikant Upadhye 6 days ago

    Hon"ble princess I would like to visit Ukrainian Continental but can't thank you for this vedio so I can fill & see this buetyfull lovely city in my life. I'm Indian our RS 65=$1usd. & Monthly payment is RS 3500/- only. At USA any one can buy car ar $2000USD but at INDIA no one can buy car Tyre at Rs 2000/- our life is useless hopeless we can't ever see day dreem. Sorry your highness.

  • Gerard Longobardi 6 days ago

    Great video. I have been to ukraine 6 times and I'am planning on returning. Odessa is a very fun city with great restaurants and arcadia beach. She is right ukraine is a bargain and very safe

  • georg57 garvy 6 days ago

    She looks a lot like President Trump's wife Melania. Very nice.

  • spider man 6 days ago

    эхх ностальгия, спасибо за видео

  • Muhammad Zahid 6 days ago

    Kindly send me your e.mail

  • George James 6 days ago

    Thanks for the tour! Very nice!!

  • Saul Lopez 6 days ago

    Can I look u up in kiev 😉

  • Judo Lover 6 days ago

    Beautiful woman!

  • wonpill Choe 6 days ago

    i think You was born in Kiev. Because you well know about Kiev, Right?

  • Timurlane100 6 days ago

    Thanks for the video! I'm looking to travel to Kiev in a month or so. I'm already a history buff (so I can't wait to see the land of Rurik, Oleg, Yaroslav, etc) but there is so much beauty in this city.
    And then there's the fact that you give more evidence to the claim that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world. 😉

  • Lee Hoon 6 days ago

    Hi Alina. It's my third day in Kyiv and I am already in love with this city! This is not the best time to visit Ukraine but it's beautiful even without the green trees.  I think I will visit here again in the summer.

  • Muhammad Yasir 6 days ago

    Du bist sehr schön frau ❤
    ich liebe dich. Alina ❤

  • Kastoruz 6 days ago

    90% her face 10% Kiev's Best Attractions