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In this video I show you what it’s like to travel by a bullet train (or high speed train) in China. My train ride was fairly short; I traveled from Chengdu East Station to Leshan.

Train stations in China are something special. They are generally very large and you can compare them with a small airport.
Make sure you arrive early as the security can take up some time.
The gate to the platform closes roughly 5 minutes before departure and then you’re no longer allowed to get on the train.

I enjoy taking the bullet train in China. They are fast and reliable. Where domestic flights are often delayed, trains almost always depart on time.


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  • MY FAMILY TRAVEL ZONE 10 months ago

    Great travel tips. Ticket machine are almost equal that we used in Paris this summer and it is very comfortable. Of course we didn't go for a lond distance. It is good that you can buy snacks in the train.

  • The New Travel 10 months ago

    Nice travel tips! Wow that train station looks so clean and modern. Are all regions of china pretty well connected by train, or just the main cities?

  • TheTravelBugBite 10 months ago

    Ahh! How cool 😀 I lived in China for two years but I never got to visit Leshan! It was great experiencing it through you 🙂 Great tips about taking the train in China, we weren't prepared our first time and almost missed it even though we were 20 minutes early and had bought tickets online on Ctrip. Great video, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Globe Trotter 10 months ago

    look fabulous. thanks for taking us along. thumbs up and new subbie.!!

  • Buddha magic 10 months ago

    Welcome to China, good trip!

  • King Tolentino 10 months ago

    amazing how the train station looks like an airport… they even have stewardess in the cart… cool 😎👌

  • Timezone Junkies 10 months ago

    Wow the train station we got the train from in Chengdu did not look like this! Then again we did go on the slow train and it was pretty old, maybe the bullet trains leave from another station! The trains look real nice. By the way, maybe it is my headphones or something, but the voice over doesn't really sound like you?

  • 武成帅 10 months ago

    Prima. I am current study in Netherlands. Nice country. But some young people are not friendly. When I am cycling on the street, they chased me, and call me chinaman : ). But the adults are very nice. I hope one day every town in China will be like Groningen.

  • 武成帅 10 months ago

    As a Chinese student in Netherlands, I really like the Dutch train. It is less crowded and more relaxing compared to Chinese train. 🙂

  • K Shred 10 months ago

    As a point of information, much to my amazement I was able to purchase a ticket for the high speed train from an automatic vending machine in Shenzhnen just swiping my foreign passport. The machine read the printed code printed on the ID page, not the chip. But this is the only train station that I have ever been able to do that in.

  • K Shred 10 months ago

    Nice video. You hit all the key points that I can think of. I took that exact same Chengdu to Leshan train in July of this year. Did you explore the caves behind the Buddha in the 'Pharmacist Cave' ? There are an awesome set of caves and carvings there. Would be easy to miss depending on which direction you are coming from. Actually, I liked that at least as much as the Giant Buddha.

  • JoesJamesJungg SeaCeeZees 10 months ago

    Thumbs up girl.

  • welcome to china,hope u enjoy your time here 🙂

  • avpfilms 10 months ago

    Looks good 🔥📷

  • Ella in Wanderlust 10 months ago

    That is one awesome-looking train. I can imagine the ride was short! It's amazing to think how fast it's travelling. Yay, snack trolleys! I love it when trains have them.

  • xiangming zhang 10 months ago

    Where are all the marching soilders and police that media normally show in all china related news?

  • M4C Media 10 months ago

    At first I was going to say it looked like a airport but only so much better

  • Miguel Roberg 10 months ago

    Interesting video! Looks like you had fun on the highspeed train.