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With so many good looking people in Copenhagen, I had to move around, from Amagertorv to Christianshavn these Danes gave me lots to look at. See new adventures every Thurs:

Denmark’s capital did not disappoint.

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  • NW Oista 1 year ago

    u r in centrum of capital, that is where the trendy people lives in all rich cities. if u go out where the real people life, they will not be that stylish

  • Kenz300 x 1 year ago

    Bicycles. No emissions.

  • Erick Gasuz 1 year ago

    in my country we call this harassment XD jajaja

  • Steven Virden Rasmussen-Jones 1 year ago

    This video is dead on. Been to Copenhagen 9 times and have relatives all over Denmark. This is how they live.

  • elizardo 1 year ago

    The people there look so good and fashionable, they are great

  • PuroYO 1 year ago

    That's almost like looking at Norway, except we're better.:P

  • Dominic M 1 year ago

    wow cool population but so white! wheres the diveristy?

  • Jake Jones 1 year ago

    I hate this so much.

  • Cris Yorke 1 year ago

    As an American, I have to say that European in general dress so much better than us American. Those sloppy sandals and the t-shirt with short are so disgusting. I generally wear an undershirt, a long sleeve shirt with a Dale of Norway wool sweater or levi jean coat with a blazer on. Trust me, it looks way better and stylish!

  • Markis Couch 1 year ago

    The Danes are very unique in their attitude toward life. I love you Denmark.

  • bigstaryu 1 year ago

    hey beautiful ! 😍 🌹

  • Carmen Justine 1 year ago

    I'm Danish but i hate Denmark. Jeg hader alt ved Danmark !!

  • avalonandon 1 year ago

    This is my favorite travel show ever!

  • Michael Andersen 1 year ago

    All those fat people all over the place, not like america,,

  • Christopher Gonzalez 1 year ago

    I wish I could layer. I live in Newport Beach. Summers are hot.

  • Dalia's Ambitions 1 year ago

    This is so much fun to watch. I really enjoy your videos.

  • Leo OD 1 year ago

    I recently went to Copenhagen and I thought the exact same thing, everyone was so stylish and good looking.

  • DreeGon 1 year ago

    I imagine she looked at me : old too large t shirt with gray or black fluffy pants with zip lockers with dome dirty sports shoes and a black jacket with a hoodie.

    suprise suprise IM DANE X)

  • DreeGon 1 year ago

    im from Denmark and i dont give a fuck about a girls looks……guess thats why i never noticed that most danes are really into clothing X)

  • Oliver Nielsen 1 year ago

    don't you know it's illegal to film a person without their permission in denmark?

  • B Tte 1 year ago

    My Danish girlfriend is way better looking than any women you see on this video

  • Ronnie 1 year ago

    We do use some money to look good here, but its affordable really, just be creative

  • Surtjezz 1 year ago

    Danish people are happy people ^-^

  • Noelio Emerald-Isle 1 year ago

    Are the bars/pubs any good?…headin there for 2 nights from Galway City

  • ginger 1 year ago

    I just hope the Europeans are not checking out our "Women of Walmart" videos

  • Stormie Weather 1 year ago

    This is my favorite people watching video of all time.

  • Jon Byron Vergara 1 year ago

    out of curiosity , are you single Ms. Beautiful? 🙂 was just wondering why you are traveling alone, or is the 1 holding the cam ur bf xD

  • singarico luisin 1 year ago

    nice video i will love to visit copenhagen

  • Eros Hammell 1 year ago

    i wish yr videos alot longer, i really enjoy watching all yr videos!