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It’s here! My trip is over but I get to share my solo Disney trip adventure with you all! My pre travel day begins with a coach ride with National Express to Gatwick North Premier inn. I fly with Virgin Atlantic the next day to Orlando solo! I can’t wait to share my Disney world solo adventure with you. I am staying at the Red Lion Hotel Orlando Kissimmee Maingate.

New vlog time – Saturday 5pm.

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Hello & Welcome to my channel! ‘Have passport, will travel’ is a favourite saying of mine. Florida is my happy place and I want to share my travels with the world. However, I have to adult every now and again (more often than I would like) so when I can’t do Disney or Universal, I will vlog whatever makes me happy! Tracy x

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  • Grumpy Old-git 1 year ago

    Great solo vlog tracy,well done looking forward to your trip vlogs

  • That Sounds Fun 1 year ago

    I am glad I'm not the only one who felt like that on my first day. It was a lot more emotional than I expected it to be! #teamsolotravellers

  • Sarah Gibbs 1 year ago

    My favorite Disney park is magic kingdom because I love all the great photo spots like the castle

  • Jane O'Sullivan 1 year ago

    Great travel day Tracy x

  • Damian and India 1 year ago

    Really enjoyed this Tracy! What a sweetheart Simon is 😀you did well to get to sleep that early – we never can sleep the night before. Can’t wait for the rest of the vlogs ☺️

  • Gareth & Laura 1 year ago

    Loved the raw emotion, amazing choice of tunes and a great travel day, can’t wait to watch the rest of the trip 💙

  • Becca Louise 1 year ago

    Bless you, this was a great travel day and I can't wait to follow along with the trip!xxx

  • L & R Dreaming 1 year ago

    Great Travel Day, we’re looking forward to following your solo trip. We passed that hotel so many times last week

  • Kirsty Maniatt 1 year ago

    Great travel day ! Loved the airport footage and seeing the menu ! Can’t wait for more !!

  • Happiness and Sweet Tea 1 year ago

    For the love of travel day!!! 👏💖 Your hotel in Orlando was great and your pool view was lovely!!!

  • Jen Lefforge 1 year ago

    As a mom who is traveling without her kiddos a lot right now, I so related to this! It's so good for us to travel and enjoy just as ourselves (without the context of our husband and kiddos) but I ALWAYS have that moment where I'm just SAD. OK, just started watching so may be editing this comment;). And yes, I have more to say;). The room is lovely and sorry about the surprise charge when you checked in. That's not a very magical way to start. Great start! Can't wait for more! Subbed and turned that little bell thing on!

  • Jess McMail 1 year ago

    Woop woop travel day! Definitely considering staying at the Red Lion next time I go. Wondering how easy was it to get to Walmart? Can't wait to watch more of your vlogs! x

  • Reeves Family Adventures 1 year ago

    Yay, travel day. Brave lady going on your own so well done you. What's the hotel you're staying at?

  • FloRichDa Vlogs 1 year ago

    We always plan to hit a park or city walk, maybe golf when we get there but come 6/7pm we too are bushed. Good thing is you get up at 4am so you can start early lol

  • Fandomlife 1 year ago

    Yeah, you made it without any major traumas. Really liked the look of that chocolate mouse you had in the plane.

    The hotel looks good. Massive room. Where did you stay?

  • LysanneSwings 1 year ago

    Gosh i really want to go to disney now

  • Nicolle Ayling 1 year ago

    I'm a day late but, yyyyaaaassss Tracey!! Love it. Can't wait for the next one. Xx

  • Shari Gledhill 1 year ago

    Love it! Really like your honesty at your mixed feelings on going to Disney/leaving your family. I wanted to give you a big cuddle! The hotel looks lovely! Can't wait for more x