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Japan you have a special place in my heart 🙂
Thank you to my family who made this trip so special


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  • Matt Coaching TV 11 months ago

    Beautiful video ! I love Japan !!

  • infinite oceans 11 months ago

    Can u plz make a video of what you eat daily/more workout plans?

  • ieasha edmond 11 months ago

    Why did you turn the camera off? I wouldn't mine watching y'all fuck! I'm not a hater, this is your channel boo boo, do you! 💅🏽

  • Logic Gaming 11 months ago

    The only thing I could think about was Shinigami when you were eating that apple 😂 📓

  • xbikuta 11 months ago

    What version of Shiki No Uta was that? Anyone know?

  • gnarwalz 11 months ago

    Everything is a photo op for this girl, what a vain way of life.

  • ladyyyyygaga 11 months ago

    Can somebody tell me the name of the song that plays when she is in the bath?

  • Piggypig 11 months ago

    I think you’re more insecure than you’ll ever show lol. Thanks for recording the fact you can get laid by ur boyfriend

  • JHope watches nisekoi 11 months ago

    What are the songs in this video

  • Soso Berna 11 months ago

    I loved her makeup at 8:43 please tell me what you used 🙂

  • Alifa Putri 11 months ago

    3:32 whats the song please?? Its so good

  • helena rechard 11 months ago

    love u so much

  • Heather Self 11 months ago

    OMFG were did you get those Jeans they are amazing… so cute

  • Tyara Mustika 11 months ago

    Youre really kind to your fan.. youre not just prrtty face but pretty heart also.. love u hope u always happy..hope can meet u someday sexy gurl

  • VIVI POP 11 months ago

    Чем она очищала лицо ? Подскажите плез

  • Celine Xu 11 months ago

    everyone here is complaining about her intimate moments with her new boo, but honestly if that's too uncomfortable then either skip or just don't watch? lol. she's very true to herself and I love how raw and open she makes her vlogs. She's happy, and she wants to show it. You've seen her insta so I don't get why everyone's being so PG now lol

  • Carissa Joy 11 months ago

    Her giggle makes me giggle😍 she’s soooo gorgeous

  • Jinnalyn Olbinar 11 months ago

    Im so happy to see her w/ her boyfriend! 💕

  • Oliver_B 11 months ago

    Is this bf’s dick big enough for you?

  • Luis Velasquez 11 months ago

    i dont know if its just me, but i found this so relaxing and artistic on a cern way! love this

  • Qwertyu Er 11 months ago

    Omg!! I love this so much❤️😍

  • Melissa 11 months ago

    when she's just relaxed and being herself, she really does light up…I dont really go with putting anyone on a pedestal (we're all just people doing our best) but she seems like a genuinely kind girl on her own journey. I dig 🙂

  • Cait Hill 11 months ago

    I thought you'd get a million subscribers right off the bat but it's actually cool you didn't. Now you can make YouTube what you want and not just have heaps of followers because of who you are. Rock it girl ❤️