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● Visiting another continent is exciting, but can be overwhelming. This video is here to help put all you tourists at ease when visiting Eastern Europe! The video gives you some helpful heads up about the five things you will love and five things you will hate (or at least be annoyed by) when traveling to Eastern Europe. Safe travels!
Filmed in Bratislava, Slovakia

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  • Chlovan 1 year ago

    My mom's family came from Poland, Ukraine and Romania and though I've never been I do hope to go, I did get the chance to go to London and seeing as to how my father's family is mainly British it was wonderful to see Brittan. I love Europe and I hope to return there as soon as I can.

  • Brent Cooley 1 year ago

    Do you recommend booking a flight and hotel to Bucharest on Expedia? I looked it up and the deal looks pretty damn good.

  • alberto cassinelli 1 year ago

    There are still lots of communists there

  • Marcc 1 year ago

    Do you know why eastern europeans are proud of their history? Because they can't be proud of their present.

  • Stacy Siivonen 1 year ago

    Wasn't Bratislava like in Hostel or something.

  • MatejTheYoutuber 1 year ago

    Slovakia is in Central Europe?

  • CaptainAmericaShazam 1 year ago


  • dublux 1 year ago

    The problem with "western" Europe is lack of respect for people from other smaller countries. If u know that people don't like eastern Europe label why just not to say that? I have been in most of "western" Europe countries and you have same disquieting toilets. Some countries like the UK looks like a toilet; trash everywhere, it seems they have not invented bins yet. One more thing don't forget to say we are from eastern Europe, say that part USSR, talking the same language as Russians. Just use this ignorant man suggestion and try to offend us as much as u can while u having a nice time in EASTERN EUROPE.
    ps. we all communists even now dont forget to mention that and you will get best service as you deserved.

  • Krakowek1983__ 1 year ago

    Don't use taxis , they are thieves , there is cheap fast train from the airport into city center (at least in Kraków for like 2-4 euros) Use Uber or main coroprations like Barbakan and agree to the price before you go. (I live there and still I would never use a taxi…) Public transport is great and cheap !

  • Luciano Classical Guitar 1 year ago


  • peter T 1 year ago

    Things have moved on since this was made. Hotels have got better, love Prague , Krakow and Budapest. Taxi you still have to be careful but improving on the hotel front.

  • winter july 1 year ago

    Ive seen you in many places but never in my country slovenia

  • hamnose 1 year ago

    Love the graffiti.

  • Joseph Sungkawa 1 year ago

    Your 34 ???? I thought you were like 45

  • Joseph Sungkawa 1 year ago

    Central Europe is not Eastern europe
    Former Eastern block not never Eastern Europe

  • Rob Reese 1 year ago

    So we have to buy and bring our own toilet paper whenever we use public toilet in Eastern Europe? Is that true??

  • Ivana Vukovic 1 year ago

    We are not proud, we are just not stupid! We are educated and we learn about our history unlike you

  • kokyma 1 year ago

    In Poland is planty of middle prize and.quality hotels

  • Petrut Marius 1 year ago

    Guys, before you say your country is not part of eastern Europe, check the League of Legends EUW and EUNE servers to see where it actually is, it's easy. Trust me, I am a space surgeon!

  • HrSamstag 1 year ago

    Poor "Eastern Europe". Slipped from Soviet Union into this unholy EUSSR almost directly. The whole "End of Communism" was a big takeover in real. The propaganda of the lonesome remain of "Capitalism" just an Ilusion. Look at the economic development which goes parallel along the crazy progressions of social life in the United States of America , not anywhere else, and you can't deny – we're done, the communists in power in the SU have done their job very solid. They moved the front line from the western border of "Eastern Europe" almost as good as into the United States. Hope dies last.

  • King Killerstripe 1 year ago

    Horrible service and yet these bastards migrate to the west like England,UK and bring the crappy arrive in our so in a way they are destroying our wonderful services no wonder why Britain voted for Brexit so stuff like this wouldn't even happen.

  • john boy 1 year ago

    Absolute rubbish. Service in Eastern Europe is awesome. I have had a great visit in most places in Eastern Europe and never been ripped off. These are your personal opinions

  • Dominic Bashford 1 year ago

    I just got back from Ukraine for two weeks. The service was anything but bad. They were eager to please tourists.

  • John Krueger 1 year ago

    I hate eastern europe bacause communist and atheis is enemies from america and western europe.

  • Global A 1 year ago

    That's because you were in Bratislava. some people are rude and a bit racist in Bratislava. But I met too many nice ones However, Prague and Budapest are different.