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Orlando, the most visited destination in Florida, features exciting attractions like Disney Park, Universal Studios, and many more. The city is visited by thousands of people in search of great vacations or getaways. The city-proper population is 235,860 making Orlando the fifth largest city by population in Florida.

What to see / do

* Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Disney’s first and largest theme park. More than 1700 animals.
* Disney’s Blizzard Beach – Disney’s water based theme park.
* Disney’s Epcot – celebration of technical innovation and the international culture
* Disney’s Magic Kingdom – A complete family package of entertainment.
* Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon – Another one for the water lovers – one of the wildest and wettest attractions around.
* Fantasy Of Flight – World’s Greatest Aviation Attraction.
* Islands Of Adventure Orlando – world’s most cutting edge rides, shows and interactive attractions
* Kennedy Space Center – An amazing world of space and a unique place where the space shuttle is launched in the world
* Sea World Orlando – A marine animals-based amusement park
* Universal Studios Orlando – a thrilling experience with your favorite characters.
* Busch Gardens Tampa – a thrilling African safari and a sun-soaked Florida vacation all rolled into one

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  • danny lp 9 months ago

    beautiful orlando

  • Davis Odum 9 months ago

    will soon be there and also in Miami

  • joseph odriguez 9 months ago

    One more year and im moving there cant wait

  • dolbyproperties 9 months ago

    I've lived in Orlando since 1972 and I've been a Realtor here for 13 years specializing in helping out of state buyers. If you're interested in property here, please check out our channel. Thanks!

  • Nørbijo ツ 9 months ago

    This is a very, very, big, big City in the USA. Nice buildings, and nice beach :D. I'm gonna travel Florida for my amble. 🙂 Best of USA <33

  • Relsy Vazquez 9 months ago

    para orlando voy en estas vacaciones por eso es que estoy viendo este video para ver si no es horrible a donde voy a pasar unos días

  • Edgard Serrano 9 months ago

    Orlando home sweet home 🙂

  • lvl3skillerftw 9 months ago

    I might be moving here really soon my parents want's to start a new life 😀 and I only have three years of school left so I'm good with it.

  • marcos garcia 9 months ago

    que lindo es todo orando miami

  • OrlandoSuchti 9 months ago

    I was there when I was 10 years old, for 5 weeks and it was WOW*-*

  • Jean Go-Oco 9 months ago

    Going in 16 days!

  • Andreja Kampuš 9 months ago

    going in 9 days :))

  • OneHundredPoints 9 months ago

    Spanish flag fluttered 308 years in Florida, USA flag, has been fluttering only 237 😀

  • HomeInsurance Florida 9 months ago

    you just gotta love Florida

  • Ziolence 9 months ago

    /watch?v=YFi6XTrpkEc watch it 😉

  • Jean Go-Oco 9 months ago

    Going in 81 days!!!!

  • Carlos Zavala 9 months ago

    @8v71buses its actually 3:00 hours and with traffic 4 and orlando gets boring sometimes thers always tourist everywhere

  • Katalin Banoczy 9 months ago


  • scarab088 9 months ago

    you must be 15

  • savabundle 9 months ago

    quality content in video ..definitely places worth visiting

  • 8v71buses 9 months ago

    Man I love Orlando, FL and wouldn't living there one day if I don't move back to California in the near future. BTW not to mention that Miami is about 5 or 6 hours away

  • KyKy831 9 months ago

    I like this collection of things to do. Nice that you threw in Lake Eola and Kennedy Space center. I'm a 4th generation Florida native and we are very proud of Kennedy. Lake Eola is a city hangout. Good job – add in the Amway Arena next time and you got it fully covered!