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The first part of this EPIC 10-part travel series ‘Travel India on $1000’ is here!

Episode 1 The Budgeteers all meet up in Delhi just in time for Holi Festival. After eating their body weight in delicious local Indian streetfood they show how much fun Holi can be and also how to ride the trains to Agra without prior bookings.

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  • The Budgeteers 1 year ago

    It's Here!!! – What did you think? This is episode 1 and there are 9 more to go!! See you same time next week for episode 2!! Next week is Paddy's favorite episode of the series and has so many surprises in…..CANNOT WAIT!!!!! p.s please share this episode on your facebook….it really helps us 🙂

  • HoneyFikkle 1 year ago

    "I am only punjabi Boyz" All my Punjabi brothers and sisters on cringe overload!

  • India is not my cup of tea but i Love u guys so i'll watch it anyway

  • Ani16 1 year ago

    every thing is awesome EXCEPT and i have this problem with every vbloger..who goes to india..what is up with the background song..its not even barely indian…why do you guys select british indian or american indian bands singing hindi songs in the most stereotypical way..please select original indian songs..and y not indian metal or indian pop or indian trance music..which is similar to rest of the world..

  • Freebies Learning 1 year ago

    You could have taken metro from airport you could have saved around rs 300($5)

  • Travelicious Heart 1 year ago

    Incredible, guys! Keep it up!

  • Ujwal Mokashi 1 year ago

    Choose 3rd AC on trains not the general one. If you choose general then don't complain. 😀
    You missed amazing Akshardham temple in Delhi

  • Avik Sarkar 1 year ago

    Vlog was amazing ")

  • Gaurav Bharti 1 year ago

    Same music i have heard in another vlog

  • Purana Paapi 1 year ago

    70,000 is more than enough considering hotel will cost only 500-600/day and same for food daily

  • #蔡利贤 1 year ago

    I’ve always wondered how tall is Thais ?

  • pushkar saxena 1 year ago

    subscribed 👌

  • Tilak Tattooz 1 year ago

    I m also Indian but that Drunken Indian guy make me very angry when he misbehaveing with her
    Awesome Vlog

  • MundoMaya 1 year ago

    omg!! I envy you guys. I will wait for the rest of your videos, come back to Guatemala soon. SALUD!!!

  • Chris Surabian 1 year ago

    Amazing! I can't believe you 3 are back together. Excited to see more episodes.

  • Hantu Raya 1 year ago

    ❤️ The Budgeteers from 🇲🇾

  • taran singh 1 year ago

    I love it 😀

  • Chikomborero Kandemiiri 1 year ago

    Ahhhh that’s better… just had my budgeteers fix. Life is good again ❤️👏🏾

  • vipin avi 1 year ago

    U guys are awesome…. Love from Delhi 😍 u deserve more subscribers ..

  • Nishant Saxena 1 year ago

    this is first class standard toilet in India? did I hear right if yes then you guys paid fucking 90 rupees and taking worst ticket and giving wrong information what a bitch liverpooool

  • Sophie Woolfenden 1 year ago


  • Zak Roams 1 year ago

    Guys this first episode was so dope! You've made me miss India so much ahah!! I HAVE to go to Holi again!

  • Minority Nomad 1 year ago

    India is definitely the perfect place for budget travel. Great video. One of my favorite destinations.

  • Sonny Videos 1 year ago

    Really nice!! Question… do you think it's possible to make such a tv show alone? Got a background in film and this is my biggest ambition… also… do you get funded? Is there a way to get sponsors and a potential to make a small living out of this if you're succesful?

  • Thomas Lock 1 year ago

    It's great to have you guys back! What was the name of the brewery that you went to and the all you can eat restaurant?

  • Fahida and The Heretic 1 year ago

    So glad you guys are back!! Great episode, can't wait for the next!

  • Zuzanna Forell 1 year ago

    Great episode guys! Good to have you back on youtube! 🙂 Hope to meet you one day so you can get some recognition you deserve!

  • Gonzo Volante 1 year ago

    ok so you spend $1000 but is there like a time/day goal? Like does the $1000 last for a month or a week or a day? I mean its a budget if only you stretch the $1000 for a substantial amount of time, other wise you're just spending $1000.