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  • Andy T 8 months ago

    Richard probably brought Noel cause Richmond’s a fan of Carlsberg. Carlsberg and absinthe.

  • #FreeTommy 8 months ago

    2:48 Trans?

  • creativemel 8 months ago

    They are hilarious! So glad I came across this vid.

  • Kirsch Rot 8 months ago

    Why is Mike the Bike not wearing a helmet?

  • Vespa Davidson 8 months ago

    Doesn’t that rule board just sum up hippies? What is the difference between jogging and running?…..

  • Vileana De La Rosa 8 months ago

    This is my favorite episode.

  • FadingVitals 8 months ago

    I would pay to see Richard been drunk

  • sweiland75 8 months ago

    2:48 Is that a man or a woman?

  • It would be nice if he would write down the names of the places he visited on the description. I don't feel like rewinding video back for the names of placed.

  • Emma VS The Game 8 months ago

    "Ugh. I thought this was gonna be a holiday.. Not one of your anally retentive fright-fests"


  • The way Noel dresses perfectly represents his personality. Very few people can pull of his look; many try, but few succeed.

  • They better not ever cancel this show! Also, Richard and Noel compliment each other so well.

  • Kristy Soto 8 months ago

    What's Richmond doing out of his room?

  • bleueyeddevl 8 months ago

    Richmond knows his motor oil

  • Ernest Kovach 8 months ago

    Tooo much tension between them, between HIM and others, between HIM again and the "environment"(s). Some humor to the guy but too much obnoxiousness, imo. Hard to watch.

  • hesti luh 8 months ago

    Of course the hotel would be named Hotel Alexandra 😀

  • MUGSTOP. 8 months ago

    Noel & Richard fill my heart with happy <3

  • Kristian Brandt 8 months ago

    English in Denmark is like a cruel joke. Supposedly we're the best acquired English speakers in the world, you'll find little in terms of language barriers in Copenhagen, and when you do you're never further than one 'excuse me' away from aid. And yet we're shackled by the single worst accent in all of recorded history. It's almost Darwinian, nothing is given without something being taken.

  • suzawilo 8 months ago

    This is one of the absolutely best episodes👍👍👍

  • MOH-Hansy 8 months ago

    – "No, they do not get shit faced"
    – "It would be fun though, right?" hahaha

  • SenPin TravMom 8 months ago

    We'll be there in May for 48 hours. Too bad we don't drink beer anymore.

  • wicious 8 months ago

    Through ARROGANCE