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Thank you all for your great travel questions!

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  • Leisha Olesch Psychic/Medium & Empath Travels 1 year ago

    Just found your videos yesterday. I am LOVING them! Love the information and energy! I’m a world traveler and appreciate all of your information! Keep it coming! Ty again 😊

  • Alex Povolotski 1 year ago

    Get through customers quicker? Use private jet. Fly business or first class. Or fly out of smaller regional airports.

  • A. Wsky 1 year ago

    How to you manage the schedule between traveling and teaching?

  • roni karlsson 1 year ago

    I would like to add a few more things:

    When coming to customs and/or passport control, have your travel documents ready (passport, visa or residence permit). It'll take everyone's time, if you have to go through your carry-on just to find your passport. (This should go without saying.) Find out beforehand, what documents you need and what you need to declare for customs before the trip.

    If you lose your passport, in addition to contacting your consulate/embassy, contact the local police, so they can report it stolen/lost. This will help prevent Identity theft and misuse of the document.

    I hope this is helpful for you folks!

    P.S. Use automated border control if you are eligible for it.

  • Sophia Viguier 1 year ago

    I actually have gotten through customs quickly. Not sure why but while traveling alone with my baby in LAX I got mistaken for a celebrity and they literally cut me past hundreds of people. I felt kind of bad actually, but it was pretty momentary feeling that was replaced by relief. 😂

  • Grant Anthony 1 year ago

    Hello! I’m visiting Ireland in July. Do you have any advice on how to not look like an ass when I show up (I’m American)? Thank you and love your videos!

  • Ioanna C. Grigoriadou 1 year ago

    Hey Wolter👋. I want to travel this summer from US to Greece. Do you know if I can take with me in the airplane my iPad or a portable usb battery? Thanks for the tips in this video👍

  • Paul 10 Hats 1 year ago

    Hey Mark, you're a robust/hearty/full figured guy (like myself) how do survive long haul flights in the ever-decreasing seat volumes? The last time I flew to Europe was 2010, and since then I have only heard that the seats have become even smaller! In 2010 I could barely make it, albeit with sore knees and a lousey arrival. I will be traveling with my sister to Edinburgh from San Francisco…16 hours!!! I viewed your vlog on survivng long haul flights, anymore ideas for a fellow "American-sized" traveller? Thanks Mark, keep up the great vlogs!!

  • Brennan Paucke 1 year ago

    when is the "Shocks of" or the "Don'ts of" Alabama going to happen?

  • Robert Popa 1 year ago

    Visit Romania, its awesome if you know where to go and what to visit.Some are:"Delta Dunării", Maramures, "Vilage museums",etc.

  • Raul Hernn 1 year ago

    Great stuff as always!!

  • Jan Smith 1 year ago

    If you fly from the USA to Europe do you go through customs at your first layover or at your final destination? ie: US to Ireland with connectors in Denmark and the UK.

  • AlexPizzaMan13 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Mario Batali?

  • volleyguy1001 1 year ago

    What do you teach? Where do you teach? That's so cool.

  • The Linthicums 1 year ago

    Holy holy is travel overrrated.

  • tamick2000 1 year ago

    Love your tips and your upbeat videos!

  • Arrgghh 1 year ago

    Got any videos on Hawaii?

  • notarobot 1 year ago

    Go through US customs in Dublin Ireland and land domestic in the US.

  • Ricardo del toro 1 year ago

    Actually, if you have a diplomatic passport, you will be first to clear immigration. 😁

  • Wagen Drei 1 year ago

    Customs in Lisbon was a lot faster than Newark….thanks for these excellent videos!

  • KooriShukuen 1 year ago

    I'm very curious, what are you a professor of? =D

  • Lilit Vardanyan 1 year ago

    Have you been to Armenia 🇦🇲 Yerevan ?
    If not you should goo ☺️👍🏼 you will lovee it
    The capital (Yerevan) is very small
    – there is the History museum in the Republic Square
    – has the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts (which includes the world smallest and biggest bible)
    – The Cascade (Kaskad) is a giant stairway made of limestones
    It also has beautiful villages with old ancient churches
    Armenia is very cheap compared to U.S and people there are very nice and hospitable especially to foreigners and tourists.
    Must see!
    (Btw I’m Armenian, if you have any questions let me know)