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Take a tour of Archaeological Site of Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

Mada’in Saleh is a pre-Islamic archaeological site, and the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia.

The site is a major part of the Nabataean kingdom, a civilization that existed around the 1st century.

The area is a collection of monuments and tombs to people pertaining to various social classes.

It is located at a great intersection of trade in Saudi Arabia, and thus many languages, writings and artistic styles are present at the site.

Due in part to the arid environment and no resettlement, the ruins at Madain Saleh are incredibly well-kept and preserved.

However, Madain Saleh has not become a great tourist destination because of the belief that it was cursed by Allah.

The rock-cut entrances, tombs and engravings are impressive enough to one day overcome the site’s reputation.

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  • BANTAS NOEMA SACANDAL 11 months ago


  • Ghaida 11 months ago

    Madaen saleh is not "the cursed city" there are 2 different saleh and most people mix them up even Saudis and Muslims. The madaen saleh shown in the video are more recent than "the cursed city of saleh" which is believed to be buried under ground.

  • TakebackTruth 11 months ago

    All history we have been handed is a lie & those who know the truth believe us to be nothing more than shit.

  • Okra CRPF 11 months ago

    madain saleh is told cursed because at the times of after prophet noah (pbuh) people there according to quran used to do idol worship and carve from mountains and disobeyed the prophets. then allah (god) punished them by lightning and they flourished to dust. muslims are not to visit there a long time, and if the are to pass the area, they have to fake their cry

  • Muslim Muslim 11 months ago

    Saleh is a prophet of God and people who lived here are called Thamud. Saleh was sent to Thamud to tell them to worship God alone. Thamud disbelieved and asked for a sign so God sent them a she camel in a miraculous way. However a few from society killed this she camel with no body from the society caring at all so Salih told them that they have 3 days to live and enjoy and then the punishment of God will come upon them. They mocked and disbelieved in God thinking that because they are in carved rock that makes them completely safe from any harm. God punished them through a loud cry and all of the disbelieving peopleOf Thamud were gone like they never lived there. God saved these ruins so we could see what was the end of the disbelieving people. They had house carved into mountains but it did them no good

  • nice ๐Ÿ™‚ ,, mdaaen saleh it's name in arabic "ู…ุฏุงุฆู† ุตุงู„ุญ" you said marahen seala ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Janette Esther 11 months ago

    We just came back. Its a great place to visit. The climate was cool sunny and no bad smell in the tombs at least this time of the year.

  • geobeats 11 months ago

    You're welcome…thanks for your comment!

  • Asha Bell 11 months ago

    like … thank you geobeats

  • hosamo100 11 months ago

    i have been there 15 years ago true they said it's cursed they still do the story is told in the quran but any one can go this video is misleading

  • No longer cursed anymore

  • Crazy Hacker 11 months ago

    We are forbidden to go to Madaen Saleh

  • KOALKILLEN65 11 months ago

    it smells like crap inside the tombs and it is hotter than 40 degrees
    don't waste your money

  • KOALKILLEN65 11 months ago

    why would you ever visit a cursed place?

  • chiranjit7 11 months ago

    I am planning to go there in next one month. By the way the girl is good there. Hope she did not travel there. ha ah ah aha