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We’re the Kahlers

So we went to Europe for 16 days, 5 countries (Switzerland, liechtenstein Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria) we drove over 1600 miles, over 24 hours in car traveling, 6 Airbnbs.

YO WADDUP thanks for watching! We are a family five.Our daughter Dree & our twins daughter Pencey & son Rowley. Top 5 things we love…Jesus, family, traveling, the beach, organic food!

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DREE TENNESSEE birth video
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  • Laura M 7 months ago

    You can drink tap water in Switzerland 🙂 It's actually higher quality than bottled water

  • Keith Family Vlogs 7 months ago

    I seriously can't get over the beautiful editing and colors from this vlog! Especially the part with Dree and the Swiss flag 😍Great job! Love your vlogs!

  • Danson for Joy 7 months ago

    SUCH amazing footage and videography! THANK YOU for sharing this adventure with us! 🙂

  • clara 7 months ago

    this video is absolutely stunning. i've been watching your channel for a year now and was absolutely thrilled to find a video about my home country in my sub box. it's always so interesting to see what foreigners do when they visit switzerland. some of the spots you showed, i've never even been to, i will try going there now though… can't wait for the parts to follow in this series.
    love from Berne!

  • Soulshine Ally 7 months ago

    Hello lovely Kahler’s!!! What a beautiful family! Love your channel!! Can you pass along the info of your midwife and twin specialist doctor in SoCal you used with the twins? Thanks so much!! ❤️🙏🏼 Love and blessings to the wonderful Kahler Fam!!

  • Kathy Toohey 7 months ago

    Wow so beautiful

  • silja bossert 7 months ago

    Have fun in Switzerland! Much love from Switzerland 😊

  • unleashedkiwi 7 months ago

    Still a fan of your vlogs! New Zealand just as pretty, u can always crash at my place and have some raw milk from the cows 😏

  • amanda branum 7 months ago

    Eden and Esme sure do wish we were meeting you there!! That lake is way nicer than ours! Miss you guys!

  • unleashedkiwi 7 months ago

    What is Kelly’s view on breastfeeding in public?? I guess she doesn’t mind with doing feeding in the airport at the start of vlog

  • Deb L. 7 months ago

    You guys remind me of what life is all about and the perspectives we should take. Thanks Kahlers!

  • Sara Lin 7 months ago

    Did u have to check in the traveler car seats? How heavy ? Did u have to pay extra when checking?