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Spent 45 days around Ukraine and had a blast.
Here are 12 more reasons why I fell in love with this country:

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I’m a traveling filmmaker who sold everything in exchange for his first camera. That was 2 years ago. I’ve been living out of backpack and making short videos around the world since then.

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Music: “Monody” by The Fat Rat
Shot with Sony A7RII and Zhiyun Crane
DJI Mavic footage by Jessica Elliott

Special thanks to Cobblestone Freeway Tours for an AMAZING 2 weeks of my trip


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  • Ann AnRo 11 months ago

    Hi, Art, you made gorgeous video about my country! I also try to spread a word on my country via my vlog!

  • Jamesyboy Experiment 11 months ago

    I find your channel very inspiring. Travel changes you. I love what you have achieved. We are also travel vloggers but havent made the move yet to leave our jobs. Still early days for us. Look forward to following you on your journey. Jamesyboy Experiment. Just Subbed!🙂

  • Andrés Araújo 11 months ago

    Wonderful video man! I thought I would find another typical video with the same transitions, teal and orange, all this tendency stuff but you have your own style, that's amazing! Keep it up, I subscribed. Maybe you can check out my stuff too if you want 🙂 Congrats !

  • Cr3w Vlogs 11 months ago

    Loved the beginning and the video overall! You got our sub. Greetings from german filmmakers

  • Carmen's Luxury Travel 11 months ago

    Great job on the video Arthur! You are my inspiration. 🙂

  • Ivan Sydor 11 months ago

    One russian has put dislike…)

  • Alexandra Komar 11 months ago

    Thank you! Nice video about the wonderful country!

  • Terry Lathan 11 months ago

    I love Ukraine so much

  • Thank you, for the wonderful video) Come back to Ukraine)

  • Артём Киевский 11 months ago

    судя по лайкам, вата еще не подтянулась)

  • burningspirit 11 months ago

    Amazing video! Дякую!)

  • Igrik Bds 11 months ago

    Thank you Arthur! very nice video, what song is playing?

  • Катерина Егорова 11 months ago

    Wow! That's awesome! And the idea with voice message is very nice. Thank you for such video!

  • Alexa Williams Meisler 11 months ago

    Amazing Arthur! What a beautiful video.

  • Wasyl Kobernyk 11 months ago

    Thank you from Ukraine's heart 💙💛

  • Ron Ung 11 months ago

    awesome video, Arthur! love the memoir!

  • Wow dope vid m8 , u mind if i ask you to check my channel out and give me some honest feedback? im trying really hard, thx anyways 😀 keep up good work