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In this vlog I travelled from Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport, and I took a 12 hour flight using Saudia Airlines, JED – YYZ, the plane landed in Toronto, Canada in Toronto Pearson International Airport, then I used the bus to go back home.

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  • Abdullah Al Jarad 6 months ago

    Did you guys enjoy the vlog??? So tell me, do you guys prefer Nike or Adidas??

  • Muhammad irfan 6 months ago

    WA Salam send me what's up number

  • Aissa Almezel 6 months ago

    Now lm in Ottawa

  • Aissa Almezel 6 months ago

    I went Saudi Arabia in Toronto airport

  • Noushi Nabeel 6 months ago

    Hiii… certificate is must 4 migration

  • Zeeshan Ali 6 months ago

    Give me your contact I am Soudi arb

  • Budhan Ram 6 months ago

    Hi sir so good Canada tanto

  • vist Canada kitny ka haiXbbxv Cvbcc 6 months ago

    Riyadh k ajnt ka nbr

  • sakhi sangeen 6 months ago

    Boro i want to go to Canada kep

  • Chacha Khan 6 months ago

    Jis nay saudi say visit lagwana hai cal me 0594338830

  • MClollolol 6 months ago

    Im Canadian as well, and while doing a project for my international business course I fell in love with saudi arabia. I chose the country because the spiritual home of islam always fascinated me, I wish I could go some day. Sadly i wouldnt be allowed to go to the most interesting two cities 🙁 hope your trip was enjoyable

  • Abdul Ugaas 6 months ago
    I live in uganda

  • Zaheen Javeed 6 months ago

    Bro how can I apply for Canada visa from Jeddah I’m from Afghanistan living in Jeddah and I born in Saudi Arabia

  • abc bbc 6 months ago

    00966593587268 cll me

  • Canadian Gintleman 6 months ago

    اخوي الفيزا لكندا سهلة ولا صعبة ؟

  • Kylle Goldberg 6 months ago

    SALAM ALICOM Abdullah will be heading on the same route with Saudia in june lol 😀

  • Doctor life 6 months ago

    O mothy wah ma tari english thy sadky jawa hahahahha nice bro😂

  • Shamenkingz at the Kingdom 6 months ago

    Hello bro, new to this channel👍