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Stay tuned for the part 2 in which I’ll be going to Mecca and Medina 🙂

Travel vlog from India to Saudi Arabia. I know the video is a bit boring but keep supporting. Many more amazing videos will be coming your way.

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  • Seth Evans 9 months ago

    Saudia arabia and Iran are very beautiful and magical places due to the conflict between them Oman is an other wonderful place

  • VISHNU SANTHOSH 9 months ago

    Your vlog is okay and you look so sad 😂😂.

  • The Saudi expat life of RJs 9 months ago


  • GetLostwithJohnny 9 months ago

    Nice footage of Saudi Arabia 🙂

  • Two Broskis 9 months ago

    Loved the vid, man! You have a good confident style about you. Keep it going! Hopefully ours gets to your level 🙂

  • shahriyar khan 9 months ago

    Good vlogs Bro keep it Going