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Train passes mentioned

This video is NOT sponsored. I was provided the passes for free but I have been purchasing then since 2009 and highly recommend it!

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  • Gus ra 1 year ago

    I always take my Halb Tax for granted. Never notice that without it Swiss trains would be quite pricey.

  • Charmaine Taniegra 1 year ago

    Thanks for this. I really need help as I am traveling to Europe alone on July waaaaaah. Very helpful 👍

  • Joan Stump 1 year ago

    Wheres your fur baby??

  • Lisa Scheuner 1 year ago

    Another great thing about the eurail tickets is that they have a lot of benefits. Like half price on tourism tickets. Male sure to read the booklet they send you. However it is different for each country. Take advantage of it!!

  • Elise Gray 1 year ago

    6:44 was so adorable haha aww. Catching up on your new vlogs now 🙂

  • Amanda Davis 1 year ago

    Try the app you download a country or part of a country then it works without needing wifi or data. I think it is far easier than downloading Google Maps. Then you can search for things like DM see where to get off public transport, etc. I have used it everywhere it even has hiking trails in Siberia marked. Great tool!

  • CCH1832 1 year ago

    These show you guys are at your happiest in Europe. We miss you! Come back soon.

  • Jenny Lews 1 year ago

    Why did you buy first class? I think it isnt worth it..

  • nisslscholle 1 year ago

    I can see you now updated to first class 😉 good for you!

  • D B_Well 1 year ago

    Haul! 👏🏻Haul! 👏🏻 Haul! 👏🏻 Haul! 👏🏻

  • Alex Stan 1 year ago

    You should totally do the haul! DM is the best 😀

  • Carolyn K. 1 year ago

    Loved the video! Thanks for showing us around the train station and inside the train. I think I would like travel that way. We don’t have many trains in Minnesota but we are getting more.

  • A Tasty Hike - Wandern, Reisen, Genießen 1 year ago

    Dm is amazing! We go there 2-3 times a week! The products are awesome and very affordable! I don‘t know why they‘ve never opened branches in Switzerland…

    And also in Germany: we definetly recommend having a seat reservation on German trains. And do not expect trains to be on time 🙈

  • Victoria Rodenacker 1 year ago

    Yes, please please do a DM haul!

  • Morgan Olsen 1 year ago

    I’m American and my boyfriend is Swiss! Last time I was there in January the standard ticket (non Eurorail) – $130 Zurich to Lausanne. Ughhhhh haha.

  • Beth Miller 1 year ago

    Thank you for the train tutorial! I'll be going on a lot of trains in Italy in May, so this was helpful. Yes, to a haul video!

  • lea vacunawa 1 year ago

    I missed Switzerland…and other Europe countries…France, Germany, Italy 😢

  • Allison M. Broder 1 year ago

    Hi! Thanks for this video. When I traveled around Poland by train, I didn't have to book in advance and it was super cheap. Next month I'm planning on taking the train from Budapest to Bratislava to Vienna and back to Budapest.

    Do you think it's worth buying the five day Eurorail pass? $548 USD seems like a lot more than I'd spend on separate tickets!

  • Jonathan Alvarez 1 year ago

    I have never used the train to move away from countries in Europe, is there a wagon for luggage or we need to take our luggage with us all the time?

  • Danm21 Healy 1 year ago

    I'm moving to Switzerland (currently live between Suisse and the U.K.) and trains in Switzerland are amazing!

    They are really not expensive compared to the UK, which is obscenely expensive, overcrowded, dirty and forever delayed.

    Love the travel VLOGS guys, keep'em coming.

  • Sara Imbrunone 1 year ago

    What do you do with your dog?

  • Danica Christin 1 year ago

    I love the rheinfall. When I lived in Lausanne, Switzerland I used to go past it every time I went to see family in Germany. Such a beautiful place 💙

  • Rose Rose 1 year ago

    Eurrail Passes for European residents are called Interrail. I travelled for 17 daya through Europe and I only needed seat reservation from Paris to London and from London to Amsterdam. If you are on a high speed (no stop) train then you most likely need seat reservation, but you can just figure out the slower and cheaper version and you are good to go.

  • C. Bahrig 1 year ago

    Love your Videos 🤗😍
    Haul please 👛🎀🛍🧖‍♀️💁‍♀️

  • sasa 133 1 year ago

    Please do the haul. I go to dm regularly, maybe I find some inspiration.

  • Liz Murith 1 year ago

    You should do a haul!