Added by on June 7, 2018

I am about to take an adventure of a lifetime… traveling to Saudi Arabia for work and experience of a lifetime…

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  • mjeed d3 11 months ago

    What happened to you now? Till us plz

  • Social Mishal 11 months ago

    First check where the company at so u can have an idea about the city, and the culture there. If it in the capital or big cities like : Dammam, others, U will adapt easily but there are some desert cities where nomdaic people live there. Read before u make the decision. and I am here to help any question?

  • Mysterious Arabia 11 months ago

    Welcome to Saudi Arabia! Wish you best of luck! <3

  • المفتش الإلكتروني 11 months ago

    welcome I am so happy to visit me in my home to show you Saudi Arabia culture Dr.Faisal

  • Oily Desert 11 months ago

    welcome to saudi arabia wish u safe trip 🙂

  • Abdul rahman 951478 11 months ago

    dear guest
    welcome to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    please make sure that you act righteously and dress up modestly while you are here

  • Abdulkarim Alreshaid 11 months ago

    Welcome to Saudi Arabia .. I wish you a very pleasant stay in our country 🇸🇦

  • Congratulations. You don't know me obviously, but I am very happy for you. God bless.

  • Askar Beniah 11 months ago

    wish you good luck and as a Saudi worked before with western I have seen some hesitating coming to the Kingdom but very sad when leaving the country after some years