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📍Everything you need to know if you are going to backpack Southeast Asia

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5:08 Route Overview
5:42 The Budget
7:29 Accommodation
8:14 Travel/ Transport
12:16 The Food
13:11 Overall Tips

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  • Learn Grow Achieve 10 months ago

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WATCHING – We just released our eBook 👇
    📍Everything you need to know if you are going to backpack Southeast Asia

  • Zidane Ra 10 months ago

    If you see my beautiful profil picture, you must guest where i am😁😁😁

  • Darah Penistone 10 months ago

    Just found your channel you guys seemed so chilled subscribed

  • Yasmine Nasri 10 months ago

    Thanks so much this video is so helpful!!!!

  • Mr-FFF-55 10 months ago

    Avoid Malaysia. It's a hypocrite Islamic nation where people love Western music and clothings but hate white people describing them as bastard infidels. They are also propagating and sponsoring jihad and Islamic terrorism all over SE Asia so their nation of towel heads will appear prosperous and peaceful. Malaysian males will decapitate white people in belief that it will assure them of 72 virgins in heaven. Meanwhile Malaysian females will cut white man's dick in the name of Mohammed and Jihad.

  • Lived in Bangkok for 6 months with my Thai GF. Amazing times.

    Wish I would had taken more photos.

  • Matías Lacarte 10 months ago

    Hey guys! im going to SEA for about 5 weeks, im doing thailand but dont know what else to do, dont know if philippines is worth the money for the flights, im going in january and saw that the flights cost about 500 dollars. do i go there o go somewere else? Hope u see the msj!

  • poppy Lockwood 10 months ago

    Hey guys,

    Live your videos, they are SO helpful!

    Just one question, when did you travel SEA? I'm planning going for 5-6 month and hope to avoid the rainy season. Obviously I expect to see some rain but I don't want it to be raining in every county I go to!


  • Fernando Liu 10 months ago

    Such a sweet lovely couples. Perfect match 🙂
    Thanks for the advice it was really helpful.

  • Caleb K 10 months ago

    Thanks for the tips!

  • My Travel Hub 10 months ago

    Great video. I love South East Asia as it's one amazing place.

  • Kishor Mistry 10 months ago

    great video – thanks for the tips.

  • Daniel Charlton 10 months ago

    Hey guys,
    The 1k per month , does that include travel too? like flights ,night trains etc?