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Flying into Cuba, we dove head first into the culture, revealing many local secrets & hot spots. We found ourselves in the midst of Fidel Castro’s death, & we mourned with the progressing country…

(All shot with iphone)

– Elyssa Aquino: @Elygasm_
– Nick Creegan: @Creegannn

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  • Kisha Monique 2 years ago

    You guys did an awesome job! I'm leaving from JFK on Jet Blue…thanks for posting.

  • The Big Chorizo 2 years ago

    dope video! going to cuba next month from cancun

  • Saya Ahmed 2 years ago

    Hi, we're going to Cuba in a few weeks and I was just wondering how much the trip to Vinales cost and if you booked it before arriving in Cuba?

  • Dan Burkovskiy 2 years ago

    Whats the song playing at the way end?

  • Neekan50 2 years ago

    Great video what's the name of the airbnb you stayed in?

  • Jordan Evans 2 years ago

    Your AirBnB when you first arrived, what are the details on that?

  • Adrian Perry 2 years ago

    Your girl is hot!

  • cupidgal 2 years ago

    going in march… so excited.. looks like you guys had a great time…

  • "Guantanamo" – really? Read a book.

  • 7repair7 2 years ago

    hello nice! guys Were You stay? Thanks

  • David Diez 2 years ago

    Gracias precioza esa es mi Cuba

  • Vince Hammond 2 years ago

    Great video thank you for sharing your experience !

  • black5corpion76 2 years ago

    question did u have to fill out any special form to travel to Cuba ?

  • oidodsonido sonido 2 years ago

    best part of tgis video was when you played latinoamerica from calle 13. what you all know about that?? i was defenetly not expecting that.

  • Hindukush1234 2 years ago

    you american's are why innocent Cubans need to be protected from you. Americans!!!! REAL……… Assholes are assholes…