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We spent a few days of travel around Odessa city and surrounding areas. These are so beautiful places in Ukraine.

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Отдых в Одессе и ее окресностях: Фонтанка, Санжейка, Затока.
Очень красивые места Украины.

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Title: AL’sic & Sam Cross – We Are Alive (ft. Dani Rosenoer)

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  • jules eau 11 months ago

    Hi, I loved the video! My boyfriend and I are going to Odessa next month and we would like to visit the beach you were at minute 0:53 . It looks very beautiful! Do you know its name? 🙂

  • Sharon Jiang 11 months ago

    Your intro was awesome! Loved that transition from the map to the actual place. You've got some awesome content – would be amazing if we could support each other.

  • Peter Kifa 11 months ago

    Вау, гарна Одесса!

  • Jakub Habovštiak 11 months ago

    Nice cutting guy 🙂 I like it !

  • 11 months ago

    OK, whoops – last time i entirely missed ur message cuz I didn't understand all the youtube functions. But .. hey again, ssending this video out on site for refresher. od knows we all need holiday trips like this!!!

  • roboliño schmidt 11 months ago

    Isn't there war in Ukraine??

  • Doly Hsieh 11 months ago

    amazing summer place. But I'll flight to Odessa at January, could you please recommend it. Thank you.

  • JR Alli 11 months ago

    wow ukraine is amazing, i never have seen a video showing the beauty of it before, so this was a treat, would love to visit it one day. cool channel name too!

  • Drone Girl 11 months ago

    Very nice and good edit! Thumbs up from Ireland !:)

  • ilya m. 11 months ago

    Great job on this! Really enjoyed it, the editing and overall style especially. Keep up the good work, I subscribed!
    By the way I make short films/travel videos, I just made one about a lake I went to, check it out if you have the time 

  • Elizabeth Cv 11 months ago

    Awesome….!! 🌴🌴

  • Lehua Media 11 months ago

    Absolutely love your content! I would love to feature your work on our website with a large community of Travel & Nature inspired creators like you looking to get their content and videos out there! I hope to help you inspire others and get your content out there! We can be in contact at if you wish to get your video featured!

  • Travel Planet 11 months ago

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    Help people to find your videos and channel". Tag your videos to their locations at

  • The Perimeter 11 months ago

    Nice video, love it. Keep making the cool contents. Cheers

  • MISTINA 11 months ago

    Amazing video. Amazing editing. Amazingly shot. All in all – i have already subscribed)

    Please do check out our YouTube channel too- "Mistina". We are just starters, but we too love to make travel videos like you.
    God bless)

  • Вика Кохно 11 months ago

    ай молодцы! ))