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Geneva, Switzerland Travel Guide Day 3: Carouge, Manotel Hotel N’vY room tour and restaurant review of Edelweiss with an alcoholic cheese fondue taste test!

Special thanks to:
Manotel, Hotel N’vY and Edelweiss for being so wonderfully welcoming and absolute pros at making a DELICIOUS dinner!

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  • Hey everyone! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe for more travel and lifestyle vlogs! I've visited everywhere from Hong Kong, Seoul, Taiwan, Thailand, Santorini, Croatia, Switzerland to Cancun and you can expect a ton of FOOD, culture and exploring. Hope to see you there! Love Shu 🙂

  • Normal Hugo 10 months ago

    You don't eat off the fondue fork, you put it on the plate then eat. The fork is sharp

  • Laura Quinn 10 months ago

    Don't you mean "Swiss" in the title? Swedish is from Sweden 😅

  • Bubuguck 10 months ago

    Kirsch the spirit is a cherry schnapps.


  • Jody G 10 months ago

    Loving the instagram spot with the wall haha That bath is THE DREAM! That restaurant looked like so much fun 🙂 Another great vlog xxx

  • Andrea Heckler 10 months ago

    Loved the vlog!! I definitely want to go to Geneva someday 😍 It's not at the very top of my travel list, but it's also not too terribly far from me in Paris… so hopefully I'll be able to plan a trip at some point!

  • Lisa Preece 10 months ago

    That food looks incredible! Feeling so hungry now

  • Nubianette 10 months ago

    Have you been to Lausanne? It's about 30 min away by train, but you can take a boat. Across the lake is Evian, France. Both are so unique and beautiful!

  • spayne062009 10 months ago

    Looked so yummy! What song is this? Love it!

  • SARAH ALI 10 months ago

    I can tell you have a kind heart and that shows in your videos ❤️

  • Passaporte no bolso - Travel Channel 10 months ago

    I'm a cheese lover! Love your video!

  • iamtimchung 10 months ago

    Love the cheese!
    2nd hotel room was cool! That bath though!

  • Hello! Give this video a thumbs up if you're a cheese lover… would you try the alcoholic bread?! Hope you enjoyed day 3 – one more left to go! xxx