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Uganda Diaries. 2016 Vlog ! 🇺🇬 PART 1

This Uganda trip was more Family orientated than before as we celebrated our first Christmas there as well as Grandma’s 80th Birthday! I travelled with my sister which was lovely because we had never travelled abroad together before then! Usually I am alone or with friends. Going home (To Mamma Africa/The motherland) always poses new experiences and a chance to learn. I decided to upload these travel vlogs here in day to day clusters as something a little different, so hopefully you enjoy!

PART 1 –
PART 2 –
PART 3 –
PART 4 –

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  • Patrick Kalunda 1 year ago

    A very nice video and am sort of suspecting you were in Entebbe. Its made me homesick though.

  • Rachael Kitaka ™ 1 year ago

    I swear cafe javas has the best food x always have to make a stop there when we go to Uganda

  • Linda Tinah TV 1 year ago

    Beautiful vlog, makes me miss home. X

  • Maritza 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing.  Uganda is beautiful and so are you and your family.  I love, love, love the dress you wore to the wedding.  Also, the food looked amazing and very tasty. BTW – you’ve been wearing a black necklace, where did you get it from?

  • Queenof TheNile 1 year ago

    bodaboda! That is what we call them too in Sudan. Making me miss home!! This was lovely to watch! Great food family great weather and beautiful scenery.

  • Amalgamaite 1 year ago

    THAT was such a TREAT!
    Thank you sooo much for taking us along. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.
    I even have a few questions and comments.

    I saw a lot of White people in the background at the restaurant the second day. Do they live in Uganda, tourists, or businessmen & women? (If you know)

    If Peace caught the bouquet, then Peace gets married next, in spite of how young and cute she is. Esther is a THIEF!

    What is g-nut sauce made of?
    And what language did I hear spoken in church at the end of the video?
    Lang-lang and John are ADORABLE!

  • Ylloh Noir 1 year ago

    thanks for these vlogs,makes me miss home!

  • Ylloh Noir 1 year ago

    OMG the hippos!!!

  • Doreen Angee 1 year ago

    I miss my motherland😭😭
    thank you Laker for the vlog

  • Danielle Swift 1 year ago

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful family.

  • dundermifflin1888 1 year ago

    love the editing of these vlogs! real classic ❤