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Uganda Beauties is a video that shows the beauties of Uganda. JM & S International welcomes you to Uganda. We will help you to get transport to all the sites mentioned, tour guide and bookings for accommodation.You can use this link to access this video

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  • Dennis Mubiru 11 months ago

    Kampala….. some Basoga men who visited this area saw a leopard up in a tree a long the path they were walking. they went telling everyone that there was a small leopard. The kiganda vocabulary does not have any word near "mpala".

  • John Mary Ahimbisibwe 11 months ago

    For Further information refer to the above link!

  • John Mary Ahimbisibwe 11 months ago

    If your destination is Uganda, you need to watch this video. Our company JM & S will arrange for travel all these sites, will guide you and book for you accomodation