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I never thought about having a youtube channel back when I documented my travels in Europe. These clips are quite random but entertaining. Venezia is a must see. I would not leave Italy without visiting this place.

We took a bus from Roma to Mestre with Flix Bus.
From Mestre we took a short train ride to Venice.
Remember Venice is surrounded by water, so you must take a boat to wherever you will be staying at.

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  • Laura Ros 8 months ago

    Solo te izo una pizza 😂😂😂

  • laura godoy 8 months ago

    "ciao! bendiciones!" HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • laura godoy 8 months ago


  • laura godoy 8 months ago

    i'm done. imagine traveling with you and yuli? oh man…my heart

  • Words with Winos Travel Vlog 8 months ago

    I loved this video! I like your travel videos. I liked your video and subscribed to your channel! Check us out and subscribe if you like it! We just released a video on our Housesitting experience in Italy. Check it out if you’d like!