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The Best & Worst of Copenhagen, Denmark for Travelers. Thinking about Visiting Denmark? Well Kobnhavn is an amazing weekend destination with great museums, restaurants and nature, however with insane high prices and bikers trying to kill you at every crosswalk it is not always a paradise. 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Copenhagen, Denmark.
Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark
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5 Love & Hates of Visiting Denmark

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Denmark

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Denmark vs The USA: What You Should Know About Visiting Denmark Before You Go

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  • darkreaper1232 1 year ago

    There is 7 ellevens over entire denmark? I havent seen a seven elleven since 2016 and i live in denmark! I think it's because most tourist come to Copenhagen and so there is set multiple stores up for refresments else it isent that normal for 7 ellevens to appear…

  • Marc Madsen 1 year ago

    tip form a dane, try the ¨medister pølse¨ when trying danish hotdogs

  • Prod L 1 year ago

    My first impressions from visiting Copenhagen were that generally, the people seemed rude and let off an almost hostile vibe like they really didn't want you there.
    Being outside of Copenhagen and visiting the other smaller cities as well as the country side, the people were super friendly and welcoming. We had borrowed a friend's house for the week. One day we got invited by a random neighboring family to go have a barbeque dinner whilst just casually walking by them and talking to them.
    Maybe I've got the wrong idea here but just judging off of my time in Copenhagen, the people there didn't sit right with me.

  • Biggie Boii 1 year ago

    This guy 😂 it’ll scare the bejesus out of you 😂

  • Andy Halløjsen 1 year ago

    You can go seeing The Black Diamond Library in Copenhagen! and The Opera
    on the island of Holmen. And if you like to you can go see some animals in the Zoo!

  • Karina Dorthea Aabenholt Henriksen 1 year ago

    How about The Round Tower? It is very attractive to visit, you can go inside and walk to the top and see all over the city.
    We also have Canal Tours were you can see all the sights from the sea-side and The Little Mermaid.
    We also have a Zoo with a lot of funny animals.

  • June Nielsen 1 year ago

    what about the rest of Denmark? it's not like Copenhagen, we also have Fyn and Jylland and such as egeskov castle, valdemar castle, Djurs summerland, jernalderlandsbyen (IRON AGE-village) and the way to behave, act and do things is also different from isle to isle. so is the prices. so take a visit to the rest of Denmark to explore 🙂

  • Jurairat Prudrittikai Kjær Hansen 1 year ago

    I think you are very nice in your speak about Copenhagen. You are right, the prices are expensive in Copenhagen. When some people haven’t got a lot of money you can’t go to Copenhagen.

  • FreshSoulBeats 1 year ago

    If u think Denmark is bad at service, go to Eastern Europe… U won't even get a smile

  • A Swede Speaks 1 year ago

    If you want cheap beer in Copenhagen, you need to go to Vesterbro. Ask the locals, they know where to get beer that is not insanely overpriced.

  • restingbitchface 1 year ago

    Love your videos so much they're always entertaining 🙂 x

  • filip theis 1 year ago

    I am from denmark and i like you

  • Atricea 1 year ago

    Sadly the National Museum in Copenhagen is not free anymore… the government cut the funds for culture, so they can't afford to let people in for free anymore. Same goes for the National Art Museum in Copenhagen. But go anyway, it's worth it 🙂

  • Poul Madsen 1 year ago

    Wolter, it's always great to return to your videos about Copenhagen and enjoy your clever and witty comments about our culture. Keep up the good work

  • Sheep 089 AK47 1 year ago

    Number the stsrs

  • Melsgad 1 year ago

    You are so funny! I always enjoy your vídeos. Thanks!

  • Mahadl Jama 1 year ago

    I find shawarma delicious in Denmark I have tried here in Uk and it is totally different test…

  • MrDrake333 1 year ago

    when it comes to safety I would also reccomend to consider in the night houres at the Nørrebro area, wether its necesarry to be in that area, theres been some drivebys (shooting) between gangs in that area. The police have focus on it, but it dont stop it compleatly.
    In general also keep your wallet safe, as all great citys, theres pickpockets must of the crowded places (dont happend often, but still it happens).

  • MrDrake333 1 year ago

    a few other service info:
    If you like to try unusual beers. ,y personal favorit is taphouse (very clos to where the man in the film stands) its more than 50+ different beers, but the price is mustly like 40 DDK+´, so its not where you find the sheep beer and its often crowded. But they have fantastik beer and some times a few meet (mustly in the price area 90 DDK+)

  • MrDrake333 1 year ago

    If you wont cheep / reasonable prices for beer, dont go to 7/11 its very expensive. Go to: Nettp, Facta Q both close to nørreport station they have in general a low price level. other stores recommended is Irma, rema 1000, lid, those are cheep level too. But following two is above averege, but still cheeper than a kiosk: Kvickly and Føtex.

  • TheDepsey 1 year ago

    Did anyone else see the dove that flew between his pointer finger and middle finger at 1:33? 😀

  • Steve Earley 1 year ago

    This was GREAT and a good basis for our upcoming trip. Thank you for making this!

  • soren_dk 1 year ago

    Top 5? The girls, the girls, the girls, the girls aaaand.. The girls…

  • Ernesto Redondo Castillero 1 year ago

    what I love the most is the weather , it means no Californians and Floridians around yeaaaahhhh

  • Kiliedu Travel & Tours 1 year ago

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    Remarkable and Great Experience For You @

  • Oscar Schrover 1 year ago

    A weekend worth travel, according to Wolters World. Cannot imagine how you can see everything in 3 days. Changing the guard (in summer), the glyptothek, Eckersberg museum, National museum, Strøget, or Møns Cliff. Great for cultural lovers and romantics, Pars of the North with 'light nights' or lyse natter in the summer. Sipping tea, lemonade or port at Gråbrødertorv. Stay 5 days in Copenhagen or rather 8 to take it in.