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Thinking of visiting Denmark? Heading to Copenhagen on vacation? Well here we go through ten things that might leave a traveler a little perplexed, befuddled or straight up shocked when then visit Denmark.
Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark
Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

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5 Love & Hates of Visiting Denmark

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  • Ernest Kovach 1 year ago

    Me: Excuse me, Ms. Do you happen to have the time?"

    Pretty Danish Woman: Yes.

    Me: Would you be kind enough to tell me what time it is?

    Pretty Danish Woman: (Pointing to Building in near distance with clock)

    Me: "Oh my Goodness! Right in front of my face, no less! Thank you so much!"

    Pretty Danish Woman: Anything else? Im in a hurry.

    Me: Oh, No. ..Im so sorry . except just one more thing

    Pretty Dainsh woman (rolling her eyes): WHAT Now ! ?

    Me: " Well, Is that clock on the tower correct? Because it sure seems .."

    Pretty Danish Woman(with perturbed exasperated expression on her face) :" Look are you just trying to have sex with me ? "

    Me: Ah… what? !

    Pretty Dainsh woman( mincing no words and VERY direct ) : " That is what I thought. No and Goodbye!"

    Me ; (baffled as to the meaning of it all) . I was stunned. I just stood there , almost clipped by an oncoming bicycle . I watched this Nordic beauty walk away . To my astonishment … nearly a block from where I stood trying to process what just happened , I saw her suddenly turn around , look directly back at me(sort of glaring) , and. shake her head from side to side , smile and then vanish into a store forever from my view.

    Folks, Folks, be forewarned, Danish women can be VERY direct. the point..nobody's fool. savvy, and I dare say quite bold.

  • alberto cassinelli 1 year ago

    Drunken nation! Women born drunk procreating drunk children! Many bikes because they can't afford a car and because they are all drunk they can't drive.

  • Theodosia Burr 1 year ago


  • NolimoDK 1 year ago

    Denmark! Is great and im also from Denmark

  • Ade Larsen 1 year ago

    Danish red hotdogs are absolute CRAPOLA.

    Go to Norway for a real hot dog. Best hot dog in Norway is Leif Vidar with bacon and cheese.

  • KlankOntwerp 1 year ago

    Another Danish treat is “koldskål med kammerjunkere” and it’s great to eat on a summers day. It’s a fresh buttermilk dessert with vanilla and lemon and lemon zest cookies in it. It’s also fantastic with fresh fruit in stead of the kammerjunkere.

    And a guilty pleasure of mine is ice cream with “guff”. It’s a kind of molten marshmallow sauce, very sticky stuff, that goes on top of your ice cream. Though I only ever eat it while I visit Århus, it’s a personal tradition thing 🙂

  • ankra12 1 year ago

    Norway love Denmark 🇳🇴🇩🇰

  • Milkman4279 1 year ago

    My nephew's wife is from Denmark, and this video explains a lot.

  • Milkman4279 1 year ago

    I must be part Danish because all 10 of those things sound like paradise to me

  • Charles van der Hoog 1 year ago

    Not credit cards, but debit cards. It is all over Europe. Easier and more advanced and cheaper than old fashioned credit cards.

  • Charles van der Hoog 1 year ago

    I had the same experience when jaywalkinig. I got called back. It was 1:30 A.M. and no car or policeman in miles around.

  • Bjørn Høgsted Nielsen 1 year ago

    Fuck yes en dansk video. translating. Fuck yes a danish video

  • Millas_Verden 1 year ago

    Lol I'm a Dane and this is so not true

  • Riff Bacon 1 year ago

    Ud af min butik, UUUUD

  • Rita Herbst Thorsen 1 year ago

    Year come to Jylland or Sønderjylland, there are we match more frendly and we talk match more.. 😃

  • Dimitra 1 year ago

    The first thing I thought when the video started was 'Why is the place empty?Where is everybody?'

  • Sofie H Jensen 1 year ago

    Shit…..i'm from Denmark. And no. We don't talk with strangers. We are not like "OMG HI! I DON'T KNOW YOU BUT I LOVE YOU" Because it's awkward. The most will be "hello".

  • Dan Kardas 1 year ago

    Having visited Danmark it is my opinion that the Danes communicate telepathically! Yes it is quiet, even walking around Kobenhaven at nite, it is so quiet! As to the bicyclists of Kobenhaven, they are insane, rude and perhaps suicidal! Another good vid , Wolter!

  • Simon Suldrup Andersen 1 year ago

    Come and visit again, and experience " Hygge", my door is open 🙂