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Japan – The Land of The Rising Sun, Well there are plenty of amazing things to do when you are in Japan, enjoying Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and so many more great cities as well as temples, shrines and bamboo forests.
But there are things that you DON’T do or shouldn’t do when you go to Japan and this video focuses on the things that tourists, travelers and vacationers just should NOT do when they go to Japan. From ways you might offend the locals, to how to use your chopsticks the right way to how to deal with insane huge crowds of people in the subway. The DON’Ts of Visiting Japan.
Filmed in Kyoto, Japan
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

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  • SBDrockets 2 weeks ago

    I’m going nuts reading the posts about Logan Paul. Who the fucc is he?

  • uhaveabuttface 2 weeks ago

    How about car rentals?! I want to drive some JDM legends 😤😤😤

  • Jonathan Emptage 2 weeks ago

    How do you ask about food allergy's in japan?

  • mac los 2 weeks ago

    I’m starting to like Japan more more special that whole thing about you don’t wanna tip the server should just be great mandatory

  • Jadon McCullough 2 weeks ago

    Just watch all your anime

  • Raymond Dunkerley 2 weeks ago

    We are getting a pass but it is a local pass to areas such as the 5 lake district and Nikko, and I was told that you can only purchase those locally.

  • Brenton Rawhoof 2 weeks ago

    One other Dont would be, don't walk across at a crosswalk if it says Don't' Walk. I know in the US people tend to ignore that if they don't see cars coming. In Japan there can be no cars in sight but everyone stands and waits until they get the Walk signal. When the Walk signal lights up most of the streetlights will make like a bird/crow sound and you can then walk across.

  • Brenton Rawhoof 2 weeks ago

    Sumimasen is an important word to know too. You use it at a restaurant or other places to call someone over. It translates to Excuse Me. When you go to a restaurant in Japan it is not like the US. In the US servers can honestly be a little annoying sometimes because they come by over and over asking you how everything is. In Japan they kind of hang back and wait for you to ask them for something. I really enjoyed that experience. Side note, I was a server in the US at one point so I know it is part of the job. I'm not bad mouthing the servers, it's a tough job 🙂

  • DakuenjeruX 2 weeks ago

    Quite the surprise 😂

  • tetsuyanamamura 2 weeks ago

    Now make a video Dos and Don'ts of Thailand

  • 邓龙豪 2 weeks ago

    Here’s one: if you have Asian friends from China, South Korea and other Asian countries, don’t share pictures of yourself at Yasukuni Shrine. That place commemorates World War II criminals. Justin Bieber made that mistake.

  • 323starlight 2 weeks ago

    Insert Logan Paul joke here.

  • Jim Ellison 2 weeks ago

    LOVED IT…………..

  • Kawaii Bean 2 weeks ago

    this is a great video! some really great tips and some things that i didnt know. thank you

  • Suredeath Hellman 2 weeks ago

    There sure as hell are "Nazis" (National Socialists) in Japan i'm friends with a lot.

  • Ysser Punk vampire 2 weeks ago

    Japan is like a dream for me 😢

  • Michael 2 weeks ago

    A few things about Japan: It may be a developed country with a good deal of western (esp US American) influence, but they remain an Eastern society and culture. English words are frigging everywhere in Japan, but I can see it's not the main language by the Japanese people. And anime/ manga aren't the only big things in Japan – just warning the otakus and weebs (weeaboos) who think they know Japan and their culture <__>

  • Linda Casey 2 weeks ago

    Amazing that you know so much about so many places! I live in the Netherlands and was amazed that you could tell the visitor things about this country. That's pretty clever if you ask me. Thank you.

  • cholomackdaddy 2 weeks ago

    12:47. Beat his Ass Liam.

  • Sandra Weilbrenner 2 weeks ago

    You really are stupid a colonoscopy is to find cancer not to unbind crap

  • Дэвид Медвед 2 weeks ago

    Logan Paul’s entire vlog?

  • El Morto Beats Hip Hop Beats 2 weeks ago

    Cultural differences are interesting and funny 🤣

  • Zappa Woman 2 weeks ago

    He's greenscreening this.

  • im learning japanese next year in high school 😀

  • imanasaurus rex 2 weeks ago

    I wanna go to Japan 😭

  • Anya Sheppard 2 weeks ago

    Did you stay in an Airbnb in Kyoto?