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Things Tourists Shouldn’t Do When They Visit South America. Whether visiting the beaches or Rio de Janiero, the markets of Buenos Aires, or hiking the Inca Trail in Peru there are a few cultural faux pas that travelers should try to avoid when they visit South America. From safety issues, to travel hacks, to food experiences there is so much to offer travelers and tourists in South America. Whether visiting the Iguazu Waterfalls, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, the Glaciers in Patagonia or just sitting back and enjoying the culture South America has so much to offer travelers, but you really should watch out. Here we talk about what you don’t do when you visit South America.
Filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay & Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018
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  • puttytat007 9 months ago

    Use common sense and you'll be fine

  • ROMER1 9 months ago

    Top Notch advice here!! with a bit of humour thrown in!! I have been going to South America for years and your best advice was "don't make yourself a target"…dress simply.. not to impress. I have never been assaulted in 40 years. Don't take a big bag to the beach..they take nothing…do that!

  • Ricky Altez 9 months ago

    I travel to south America all the time .But I have not been in Argentina or Uruguay yet ? This video is very good the guy is awesome and very positive and full of information.

  • Rogerio Andrade 9 months ago

    Is this "not-safe-tap-water" thing a real issue in Brazil ?
    As a Brazilian that already traveled all 05 regions of this country…. it´s puzzling to me how this is a recurrent thing in many videos made by foreign visitors.
    I never found a single city in Brazil where tap water was not safe to drink, big or small.
    The few places I visited where tap water was not good were farms and villages located very far from their respective cities, but I do believe this also happens in any remote place anywhere in this big world

  • Lissie Boney 9 months ago

    I went to Ecuador for a month and stayed in multiple areas including the rainforest to help the local communities. Literally everything you said basically was so true especially the point about the toilet paper. They didn't even have it in some service stations because people had flushed it so much. Every time you mentioned Ecuador my heart panged a little but and I didn't realise how much I missed it 😦

  • Aerton Calaça 9 months ago

    As a Brazilian, I always laugh my balls out when English-speaking foreigners speak of South America as one whole country when, in fact, there are 12 countries plus a French department, each one of them with their own culture, cuisine, people, lifestyle and geographical accidents. "Don't take your valuables with you when you go to the beach in South America". Does this rule apply to the beaches in Paraguay and Bolivia? Funny, very, very funny. It reminds me of when I lived in the USA (ops… America), in North America, comprised of the USA and Canada (is Mexico accepted as part of North America?; it wasn't when I lived in the USA… ops again… America). Just like the German joke goes: "If you speak three languages, you are trilingual; if you speak two, you are bilingual; if you speak one, you are English"… ops… but you are not from England, are you? You are from the USA (ops again… America). No, wait. You speak English. You must be from Canada… No, they speak French in Canada. Ops, they don't. They speak Canadian. Hmmm… I am sure you are from New Zealand. They also speak English over there. Wait, don't they speak kiwi? Ouch… all confused now. Isn't kiwi a fruit?
    Anyway… quiz time: what is the capital of South America?

  • Kristal Gil 9 months ago

    Thank you so much for telling the world that there is so much more to South America then most people realize. This really is the best travel channel!

  • Citric Big t 9 months ago

    The woman with brown hair and the 2 kids , she is simply beautiful!!!

  • Esmeralda Corradazzi 9 months ago

    Your Spanish pronunciation was so good!

  • lauruguayitausa 9 months ago

    You forgot to mention that in Argentina and Uruguay we eat more pasta than rice… except in the border with Brazil!

  • Bald Guy 9 months ago

    Great video! Should be titled reason not to visit S.A.

  • Lean Doughnut 9 months ago

    I love seeing pictures of skinny Mark

  • Tanner Wilson 9 months ago

    Uruguay should get a lot more respect as a destination worldwide. South America’s most underrated country.

  • Nicolás Morrone Clar 9 months ago

    It’s really funny how he seems so happy when he talks about food. I love your channel man, you’re the best.

  • cool beans 9 months ago

    you don't really need a first aid kit as long as you are in close distance to a pharmacy, which are much cheaper than the states. get radio taxis and remis in argentina or take uber. those are all better options than taxis off the street.

  • CheersCicely 9 months ago

    I wish I can visit South America soon! And thanks for the tips! 😆

  • Presi al Volo 9 months ago

    Amazing places!

  • Stacy Siivonen 9 months ago

    Visit the local drug store and replenish your supply of medicine. European antibiotics are often useless against Amazonian germs.
    In the Amazon region there are bugs that bite that are not even classified anywhere and they do not even much care about mosquito spray. In Iquitos there are signs that instruct you to kill every mosquito you see.

  • Rodrigo 9 months ago

    Ahhh. My city. You were so close to me. I would loved a high five from you guys.

  • Joseph Panzarella 9 months ago

    South America is my favorite region of the world. Sadly, when I visited Colombia last year I ran into scads of tourists from all over Europe (especially Germany) but few from The US. And Europeans have to travel so much further to get there.

  • sofakingdrunk66 9 months ago

    The must important Do's is definitely check you leave with 2 kidneys..

  • Venus Love 9 months ago

    Every time I watch your video I get happy and my vibes raise. Thank you !

  • HERRMANN GERMAN 9 months ago

    Taxi Driver are the same worldwide 😁 never trust them!!!

  • Destiny Brown 9 months ago

    Perfect timing! I just booked my first solo trip to Quito, Ecuador for March 2019!

  • TheLanciaFan 9 months ago

    you stayed in Recoleta neighborhood! Nice!
    How did you see Argentina nowadays?!?!

  • Leictreon Zwenzheter 9 months ago

    Glad that you enjoy this continent!

  • Script X 9 months ago

    6:50 that dude looks like the brazil's president =p

  • Nathan Nguyen 9 months ago

    American thing depends on country. It's common in Colombia to use"americano" for us, for exmaple a restaurant selling "pollo frito americano," even if my wife's family prefers gringo, just as I've heard the Brazilians use the word for us too, but others use American only in the pan-American sense.

  • Nathan Nguyen 9 months ago

    How can someone be anti-rice and beans? Inhuman.