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Wandering the Alps, Canyoning in Interlaken, Eating Fondue & Chocolate, there is so much to love about visiting Switzerland as a tourist, but with sky high prices, offhand service & did I mention the prices, there are a few things to hate as well. This video is for travelers heading to Switzerland and wanting to know what they will love & hate about visiting Switzerland.
I love Switzerland.
I hate Switzerland.
Which one are you?
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Filmed in Lucerne, Switzerland
All Video, Photos, Content, Audio, etc Copyright Mark Wolters 2012

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  • opinionG Ooo-wee 11 months ago

    Don't click my name…

  • Joel Burkard 11 months ago

    What do you mean by kid? What age…

  • dhancaringal caringal 11 months ago

    Thanks for the awesome the wife and our son were planning to go next week..I will cross this off my list..I have been a fan of your sir, just want to ask if Amsterdam and France is child friendly for trips ?

  • dominique007 11 months ago

    As a traveler its super expensive but i have heard when you live there it is amazing because the money you make goes a long way

  • Flamm Flamm 11 months ago

    In fact, public transportation is really great here in switzerland. You can go Anywherer even in very very small mountain villages with bus or very typical for swiss: You take some of the pretty trains that will take you over the mountains. And even better, the public transportation is on Time, Practicly ever. But theres one huge dissadvantage it is incredilbly costly.

  • userbrytje008 11 months ago

    I am Dutch, but i would love to live in Switserland. I love that country!

  • Sabeer V 11 months ago


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  • tina nunez 11 months ago

    Where is the best area to stay in Zurich?

  • what a weird country. not worth the time here. this guy makes france look much better and I hate france, lol

  • hittingtax26 11 months ago

    How can I minimize my costs if I choose to visit Switzerland? Granted, it’s not cheap, but I was still hoping it would still be affordable for somebody with a middle-class income. Is it?

  • Peter Mcnany 11 months ago

    I personally think Switzerland is a very boring place you should've said like 4 Belgium "it can feel a bit boring here Belgium isn't boring at all. You should've said that statement for Switzerland not Belgium

  • Aroop Bose 11 months ago

    Thanks for this very useful information.

  • Goppenstein 1525 11 months ago

    for nightlife i can say: i live in a small valley with 4 villages, each 230-520 People. and evry of this villages has its own disco.

  • devi prasad 11 months ago

    being an indian the above nothing matters…………………..

  • Transfinder23 11 months ago

    It can feel a bit boring in Switzerland

  • Sibyl Saint 11 months ago

    Yes it's expensive. Just do it right. Don't spend 4 days in Zurich like I did. Spend 4 days in Gimmelwald.

    The mountains are worth every little bit. Go.

  • JESBOY 11 months ago

    Wolter, I thought you are a university professor that in its free time travels around Europe. Are you?

  • Cassis 101 11 months ago

    Sorry, forgot to add. The swissies are child friendly. It is just the way you look. And how loud your guys are. I get it every time I dine out too. All you have to do is apologies etc and you are in. It sucks them in. But behave. "Sorry, I am a idiot foreigner". They love you for that.

  • Cassis 101 11 months ago

    You also have the Romanisch culture, including the language. 4. German, Italian, French and romanisch.

  • I guess Switzerland has the only mix of cultures (only european ones) that people can like, unlike african France or arabian Germany. I have lived in both countries and Switzerland.

  • Cole Williams 11 months ago

    I just went to brunnen Switzerland last week and it was amazing

  • feixbix 11 months ago

    I'm Swiss and I agree with the Service. not so much about the kid friendliness. The rules are the reason why our country works so well. Can't have it without it.