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Sorry about the absence of uploads. I came back from a two week trip from Koh Tao and fell in love with Scuba Diving and will be returning back to Koh Tao to start the Dive Master course.

This trip to Myanmar is dedicated to my mother in mind who left this world 8 years ago… I was curious to see the culture that she grew up in, what she ate, where she lived, where she went to school as I come to find out more stories about my mother from her older sister, my aunt, who still lives in the capital city of Yangon, where my mom’s side of the family grew up in.

I just want to say a special thanks to my Aunt Jacqueline and my cousin Htet Htet for hosting me and taking care of me the entirety of this trip. I love you guys.

Also I messed up on the pronunciation, it’s ‘Yangon’ not Yan’goon’… Sorry!

Ikson – See you

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  • Mudassir Sharif 1 year ago

    That’s a piece of history

  • Ramrodder 1 year ago

    Fella! It's Rangoon or Yangon in Burmese, not Yangoon,if your'e going to post something on social media get your facts right also I believe you and your family are from a Chinese background not Burmese.

  • Start End 1 year ago

    Don’t forget where you came from…

  • G29 Channel 1 year ago

    You r lucky.maynmar is the birthplace of my father but in 1942 my grand grand father sends some of family members to he never see his birthplace.he was six month old that dad's uncle stay in communication no one knows each other after 1942.I really want to visit my father's birthplace but don't know how to find them and where are they understand my feelings lee. I plan to go once to Myanmar but afraid who recognise me or old memories.

  • ထကညThanMON Channal 1 year ago

    ပကငသါၾလညယဘညါမပ love you!💖

  • thamainbama 1 year ago

    Must be an emotional trip for you.

  • Richard Boudville 1 year ago

    19th and  20th Street is in China Town near Latha St.

  • Mow Lay Kyaw Lay 1 year ago


  • Noel Lim 1 year ago

    Excellent Video ! I want to go home.

  • Winict Maximus Cosmo 1 year ago

    they even have burmese punk rock about 19 Street from Ka Kha Ga Ga Nga album.. the song literally suggest that forgot about your broken heart, let's go to the 19 street and have some good time… ..anyway… good video .. love to back there during water festival April 13 to 17

  • Mark Taylor 1 year ago

    It's all about family… I feel you ,bro. Awesome video!

  • Mark Taylor 1 year ago

    That' s the Shwedagon pagoda ..and yup, it's a place that you must visit in Yangon

  • jessica love 1 year ago

    i love your voice… see u soon myanmar