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Wow! Join us for what is turning out to be a truly eye opening experience, as we travel to vibrant, beautiful India for the first time ever. In part one of this vlog we get to experience the real Mumbai, stay in the most incredible palace and explore the intensity of the early morning flower markets at 4am. I hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure with us, I’m so lucky to be able to experience this amazing country with such dedicated tour guides and can’t wait to share more x

Our tour was organised with and our tour guide was the brilliant Adi who allowed us the most amazing experiences and guided us through everything! Thank you to Jet Airways for a wonderful flight: and both the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai: and the
Taj Rambagh Hotel Jaipur: for being so welcoming and accommodating!

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  • PRATHA gupta 11 months ago

    Try the real Indian food…. Especially the street food…..

  • I’m from uttrakhand india , I’ve seen little to no poverty in my state everyone gets by just fine.

  • Aman Yadav 11 months ago

    Can you please tell me which mobile phone are you using

  • cricket highlights 11 months ago

    I want to tell everyone that India is very handsome but it is not known why foreign media shows India's poverty. But it is not true that Indian is very happy. Please tell me why this is so.

  • praj p 11 months ago

    Thanks for showing my country's bright thing or else many foreigner are obsessed in showing poverty only. Every country has weak and strong points. Though USA Is developed but the crime rate is high.

    British are rich, only and only because of us. They looted us Or else India could have become world's richest country.

  • hardik kharwa 11 months ago

    Hey I was there working in taj when y'all were there

  • petitesideofstyle 11 months ago

    What a beautiful place

  • Abhishek Swarup 11 months ago

    Well,this is not a palace,it is just a 5 star hotel .To experience real palace you should visit Rajasthan , there are many palaces which are now used as hotel

  • Pratiek vyas 11 months ago

    U r looking gorgeous..

  • Sobhith K 11 months ago

    Glad to see you enjoyed staying in India..
    Thank you for showing other side of India….

  • Pritam Sanfui 11 months ago

    This Hotel is TaJ Hotel ….#Rank No1 Hotel in whole India…love u from #India

  • Ghanshyam Kumar 11 months ago

    finally subscribed to your channel after watching this video

  • Bhojpuri Whatsapp Status 11 months ago

    Hi guys I'm Indian and welcome to all of you. Plz visit my beautiful country and enjoy.

  • Karn Mishra 11 months ago

    Was that Taj Mahal hotel where terrorist attack took place?

  • Amrit Anand 11 months ago

    I think India is not define by only one city(Mumbai) India is a very large country every Indian state are. Different cultures and society I think you should to try visit on all India States then define India

  • Amrit Anand 11 months ago

    Visit in Gujarat in (due) such a beautiful place

  • Yashwant waykole 11 months ago

    Is she British.