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Hey guys!! I am showing you all today a little small glimpse into my week in SPAIN! i was so fortunate enough to be sent to ibiza, spain with topdeck travel. topdeck is a super cool travel company for people 18-40 offering group trips and i wanted to share with you guys my experience with them!! i hungout with my friend annemarie chase (another youtuber) and got to explore the island of IBIZA! in this vlog we go swimming, clubbing, we drink delicious sangria and wine, go to fomentera, go hiking + explore!!! i really think you guys are going to enjoy this travel with me vlog. let me know if you want to see more travel videos!

Topdeck Ultimate 49:
A Longer Version of the Ibiza Trip I did!
Annemarie Chase:

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  • purplezebravids 11 months ago

    where is your marble suitcase from? I love it!!!

  • sevinç güngör 11 months ago

    Hello, I'm planning to visit US this summer and I really like to see a lot of places in New York city. In your opinion, which places are the greatest ones to visit? I'm asking that bc you said you really love NYC in your vlogs. (Love your vlogs a lot, btw:)

  • Alicia Webb 11 months ago

    When music in the sun started playing i fell in love omg!!!

  • Shelbie Francescon 11 months ago

    looks like you had a blast, so jealous!!

  • Charlotte Davies 11 months ago

    Loved this vid! The excitement when he said he didn't measure with a shot glass made my day 😂💕

  • Casey Milton 11 months ago

    Also your long vlogs give me life

  • Casey Milton 11 months ago

    Fit in the boat

  • Casey Milton 11 months ago

    How many people got in the boat

  • May'sHealthyJourney 11 months ago

    You should've played Took a Pill in Ibiza! The music was bomb though :))

  • SalmanGhost 11 months ago

    You are so cool love you keep going girllll

  • Kristen Lambert 11 months ago

    I am allergic to nuts too! glad someone can relate

  • sherley dc 11 months ago

    Will you make a video talking about your nose job??

  • Sarah Elizabeth 11 months ago

    Loved this vlog! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  • Paris Boswell 11 months ago

    You look so skinny and good😍😍 also this vid was amazing

  • Leah Lynn 11 months ago

    So jealous! Seemed like so much fun!!