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Rabat is the capital city of Morocco in North Africa and the political and administrative center of the country. In this vlog, we visit the traditional Moroccan guards, walk the Kasbah, and photograph the ruins of Chellah. While it is less touristy than Marrakesh, it is filled with impressive historic sights. It is one of four Imperial cities of Morocco, and the medina of Rabat is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chellah – This is an ancient Necropolis with scenic gardens, Roman Ruins, Islamic Architecture and 13th C Mosque. We also listen to the traditional Moroccan music.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V
A richly ornate mausoleum where we photograph the Moroccan Architecture and guards.

Kasbah of the Udayas
Also known as Kasbah les Oudaias, this is the most picturesque part of Rabat. The Kasbah has beautiful alleyways with whitewashed and blue walls. Scenic views of the Bouregreg River and the Andalusian Gardens.

Gate 1 Tour of Morocco:


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  • Othmane Mezian 1 year ago

    I tried to guess from the roof view.. You stayed at Museum Hotel right? I am from Rabat

  • Elina Mc 1 year ago

    Nice 😄😄😄😘😘😘

  • ayoub el malhi 1 year ago

    the big welcome to morocco and my city

  • Anwar Tipoo 1 year ago

    you welcoom Marocco City Sidi Ifni 🍁💯

  • PSN Gamers 1 year ago

    All ower cat have black thing in ther faces

  • hasssouna baguera 1 year ago

    Welcome To dakhla the most beautifull in whole morocco

  • Morocco bob 1 year ago

    My city 😍😍😍

  • الهربة من المغرب 1 year ago

    Welcome to agadir
    Village taghzoute

  • أنيسة كايت 1 year ago

    Welcome 👋😚

  • aziz louakili 1 year ago

    Welcome any time I am from Fez, the oldest city in Morocco

  • Android Unboxing 1 year ago

    Welcome to Morocco

  • mona alami 1 year ago

    Morocco is totaly safe just one advice for the tourists
    1-make your bag on front of you in the souks (the old markets and Médina) becaus there are a lot of crowds 😉
    you should never never make your smartphone or your passport in the pockets of your bag-back and put it on your back.
    becaus it's like you tell them hey lazy gentleman (theives) steal me, this is a my Christmas gift for you pick my 700
    dollars I phone and my 300 dollars cash
    even some body was with you in travel group he will pickpocketing it from you. too every things can be fall in the
    crowds so don't come back complain after.
    -make your smart phone in the front pockets of your jackets in the crowds
    -let your passport too in the hotel may be you forget your hand bag in the full colors magic shop of the old cities
    -don't show your expensive smart phone in the popular neighborhood of Casablanca city and Salé city because some ados there
    are curious about smart stuffs and may be they can bother you a little beat you know devil is not innocent 😉
    -Fez city in the crowded popular streets you don't have to worry, but don't get into some empty street when it's really dark after mednight 2:00 pm
    keep your smart phone in purse or in your jacket's interrior pockets.
    -so we are agree i think now, so just do that and don't care for the next advices because the next advices it's just a bonus
    i guarantee you a good travel

    -For the rest part of the country north, south, west or east you are completly safe, all atlas mountains are safe too
    -Don't be so naive there is 250000 cases of pickpockets only in Paris 2000 of thoses victim are american
    so just make bag front of you becaus the nother advice don't count becaus you are so totaly safe just a bonus
    yes paris is the capital of this kind of stealing followed by barçelone, madrid,Athenes, Rome, londres is in the rank 9
    so just make bag front of you becaus the nother advice don't count becaus you are so totaly safe

    2-keep your paper and your expensive things with you in your smal bag in the plane, who knows may be your suitcases will
    be lost you have to waiting to give them back after by the airoport direction.
    -keep you passport to in the hotel may be you forget your hand bag in the full colors shop of old cities

    (Morocco is in the rank 35 on / 197 countries about safest country but after what happend in france and europe i think
    he's in the rank 25 now)

    -Morocco is the most safest country in africa, south of America, and south of europe except scandinavian countries
    becaus any Moroccan city exist in the top of list of pickpockest cities,europe has 9 cities on the top of this list

    3-Don't care about sellers. those men love just joking with the tourist and they usually do that to bring attention of the tourists
    -the same thing for the servers of Marrakech city open air restaurant. some times they touch the tourist for the same reason
    just to bring attention it's their attutide to show their welcoming and kidding.
    that kind of approches doesn't mean harrasment for them and they don't know that. morocan culture is differente.

    -Some shop sellers can be a little rude when you photographe him without their permissions it's depend of his humeur and may
    be he will demand you to delete the photo or money at change. Some times they feel so seek to be photographed all the day
    without sold any things that's all
    -Before to buy any things you have to know that : the meeting of the good deals about good prices is a national sport in
    the souks and markets in Morocco look so you should negotiate every price.
    so try to make always a good deal in the souks and don't be shy becaus it's normal for expl for a bag of 20 dollars give
    him 10 dollars yes give always the half price after do seems like you get out from his shop and wait for his reaction.
    it's normal to demand more for tourist becaus they earn just 1 dollars or 2 dollars for each artisanal product with the
    national (poor) people likeSandals, Babouch. Not like in france, french people give value for every product.
    they can sell you any things with a high price in a nice package.
    so that's why moroccan sellers they try to demand more for the tourists it's the only chance for them in the year to make
    some money and devlopped their business becaus too some shop has charges more than street sellers.
    any why even you paye double price this product still like a gift for you
    becaus there is a thousands of womans in the mountain try hard for a long hours to make this product for you and they
    always live in pauvrety.
    that's all the story about this famous subject about the price product in Marrakech souks.

    4-Don't give more than 1 or 2 dollars to the accrobats, gnawa musiciens or to the master snakes
    of Jamaâ Lefna place in marrakech if you take a photo with them if you want give more do it becaus they have any assurance
    5-Don't paye more than 7 or 10 dollars for Henné woman (local tatoe for hands)
    _Don't let any one to be your guide they say it's for free, but at the end it's not specialy guys with bad teeths lol 😉
    if you are lost in the old Medina demand to the childs they gonna help you for free or demand to a respectful person
    6-Restaurant in morocco charge mineral watter and and some times breathe too so don't touch mineral water if you want just drink just normal
    watter one litre bottle of mineral watter is expensive in moroccan restaurant. so bye it from the shop a 1dollars (1 litre).
    -Don't pay small taxi more than price in the machine counter. but you should pay double after 21 pm of the night

    -Some arabic origine people of morocco love win money because the arabic origine people is not like the berber
    origine people or like black people of south of morocco like (warzazette city for exemple).the people of the middle of morocco
    are a little rude more than the others part of land of morocco.
    -Don't care for curiosity of moroccan people the most of them look just to kidding with you (their culture)
    -Morocco is not Iceland or Denmark but Morocco is the most safest country in africa better than south of
    america and Usa and may be better than south of europe. for exemple in Paris there is 250000 cases of pickpockets per years
    -no guns markets no kidnap no terrorism in morocco
    -Morocco is not a rich arab country like (Dubia) UAE or very devlopped like Italy so get ready for some surprise like trains
    late like train of Fez city but the Tgv trains very soon open.
    7-Move 4 hours befor your plane if you have to take a train becaus some times some come late

    8-if your budget of travel is so limited don't spend much money for any things like stay in a luxury riyades and luxury restaurant
    -if you are a poor youtuber or a poor vloger don't blame prices in Morocco 😉 go thailand first but if you want eat 1 dollars
    sandwish or 2 cup of harrira for one dollars and take 20 dollars room's hotel a night it's fine. you are in the right place to be happy 🙂
    9-Do your selves a huge favor rent a car, driving in Morocco is not difficult. morocco has the most good high ways in africa
    The trains are good too but some times train arrive late but not evey time. (10% per cent of them)
    10-hotels in Morocco is a little expensive than India or Thailand especialy 5 stars but small riad are good
    so don't shoose every time the classy one. the simply things can be more happier than the class one.
    11-take always the luxury compagny of bus like (CTM) not the lowcost bus becaus sellers go up to the lowcost
    bus, beaggars some times too lool
    12-there is 2 kind of big white taxi, the luxe one for the airoport and hotels 4 dollars
    and the normal one for the people 50 cent to 1 dollars
    the luxe one take just tourist from the airoport and the hotel is big Mercedess 250
    and the populare one take 6 person one times is a little thin brand Mercedess 240
    -about the small taxi you can paye 1 dollars to 2 dollars it deppend on the circuit (the ride).double price in the night
    13-if you don't like the stress of Marrakech go to warzazette city so near or Essaouira city.there is no sellers there
    or cars lool 🙂
    14-the kindest people of Morocco is warzazette city, Essaouira
    15-All the atlas moutains are totaly safe too. there is three series of atlas mountains totaly safe

    some inforamtion about Morocco :
    -Moroccan people is the second most kindnest and welcoming people in the world According to the nternational Organization
    for Tourism
    -Morocco is a just 15 km from Spain yes it's not a joke lol
    -Morocco has 300 shining days per years.for british be happy beacaus in uk rain all the day every where and every time lool 😉
    -Moroccan people speak spanish in the north and in the south. and they speak french and some english in the middle of the country
    -Morocco has the second or the fourth clean city in the world Ifran city
    -Morocco has one of most beautiful site of windsurf in the world dakhla city
    -Morocco has one of the longest sea front in the world 3600 klm
    -Morocco has the most the most instagrammable city in the world in 2016 chefchawen city
    -Morocco is completly so far from the danger of the middle east and all that story there.
    -Morocco has the most controlled border in the world and the longest controlled wall in the world 1200 klm
    -finaly you need 10 years to discover each part of Morocco especialy discover and tast every fish of his ocean 😉
    every time you thought that you are finished there is some things to discover again and again lool

    -this is list of the most dangerous countries in the world

    -this is Top 10 cities in the world known by pickpockets in the world

    *some vlogs from youtube to help you to know Morocco more:
    -American woman citizen talk about here experience in morocco :