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Planning a Disney World vacation? Here are some great travel tips and advice to make the most of your visit!

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  • Shelley Lake Young 1 year ago

    Great advice for the most part but I hate that you are encouraging even more people to use strollers – especially for "older" kids aged 5 and up.  How about pacing yourself and doing only as much as your kid can mentally or physically handle in a given day?  How many of us have seen parents and kids both having meltdowns in the crazy attempt to get as much "magic" in as possible?

  • Jonnyboy 7 1 year ago

    Great ideas. I think another key to the fast pass is reloading after you use the initial 3 in a day bc on slow or moderate busy days, you can go back on the app and get good fast passes again. My daughter I basically fast passed our way around the magic kingdom in May when we went and it was a huge time saver

  • Dave Murphy 1 year ago

    Good list, but also:
    1) Check park maps for locations of rides when making fast passes. Nothing worse than going back and forth around the park to make fast pass times.
    2) You can make more fast passes after you've used your 3 for the day, 1 at a time through My Disney experience app
    3) Take advantage of photo pass photographers, even if you don't buy memory maker. They will take pictures with your camera in addition to theirs.
    4) You can have food delivered to your hotel room (bottled water, fruit, snacks, etc.) From grocery delivery services or Amazon
    5) Cast members do move strollers, so don't panic if it's not exactly where you parked it. We always attach a balloon or colored string to ours to make it easier to find.

  • Heidi Ziemer 1 year ago

    Great tip about the ice water! Did not know that! In addition to the small ponchos, pack a chamois cloth – remember seats on rides and in outdoor eating and attraction viewing areas also get wet when it rains!

  • cyrusstinson 1 year ago

    Your videos are just perfect. Such great advice for any Disney guest!

  • George Feliu 1 year ago

    i wish I knew what counted as snacks on the Dining Plan. There's a lot that does. Some real good eats.

  • AnaMomVlogs 1 year ago

    “Don’t be like me, don’t be type A”
    Lol 🤣 that’s totally me 😬
    I spend hours planning our Disney trips. I like to plan every single detail. 😓 I need to learn how to relax a bit but I enjoy it so much.

  • Dee McGee 1 year ago

    Don't forget Moleskin! It will be a lifesaver, I promise!

  • Cassie Wood 1 year ago

    If you're Vacation Club, you can see the fireworks from the Baylake Tower bar!

  • Eli Díaz Ovalle 1 year ago

    I don’t understand if is 3 fastpasses per day (1 park per day) or 3 fastpasses in total.. someone can help me?

  • Rebecca Mayper 1 year ago

    Sunscreen and foot inserts/sneakers!

  • JAKOfALLtrades 1 year ago

    if you're staying at a resort but don't have for park tickets yet, can you get fast passes in advance?

  • jackpast 1 year ago

    You know you had a great Disney vacation when after you return you think “I need a vacation!!”

  • Homestead Blessings 1 year ago

    They don't sign autographs at the character meals anymore

  • Theme Park Brews 1 year ago

    This really is great! Had some of the same thoughts!

  • The Mickey Bunch 1 year ago

    Great ideas! We are taking our first trip to Disney World in January and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for the video and the great tips.

  • yes sir 1 year ago

    The resorts are just retarded expensive for tiny rooms . I’m staying at b resort this time around . For the same price as animal kingdom resort with savanna view I got the suite .

  • Live Your Dreams 1 year ago

    I enjoy your food videos. General Disney park/advice videos, not so much. Please don't lose your focus on food!

  • Ke jingjing 1 year ago

    Are the guide maps free at the parks?

  • Lagbait 1 year ago

    Awesome video. Thank you for posting.

  • Mark Miller 1 year ago

    These are great tips for me whenever I get a chance to go to

  • Marti D 1 year ago

    I love Disney food blog you always give me what I need to know

  • Juliaruby 10 1 year ago

    Hi AJ how are you?! Thank you for these tips!! 🙂