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Have you ever heard of BHUTAN? It’s a tiny country of 800,000 people, sandwiched between India and China in the Himalayan mountains.

I arrived here in Bhutan just 2 days ago, and it has REALLY fascinated me in terms of cleanliness, friendliness and natural beauty.

Bhutan is unique. Bhutan is innovative. Bhutan takes great measures to protect their cultural identity and natural environment, which consists of 72% forest.

There are many other things that Bhutan does, which puts them in another league when compared to the rest of the world.

– has banned the sale and consumption of tobacco
– absorbs more CO2 than it gives out, making them ‘carbon negative’
– largest export is renewable energy
– measures their country’s prosperity by happiness, not wealth
– can sentence you to life in prison for killing an endangered animal

Protecting their environment has had a positive correlation with the happiness of its people — Bhutan consistently ranks as the happiest country in Asia and top 10 in the world overall. Maybe the rest of the world should take Bhutan’s lead?

In this video, I did my best to sum up Bhutan in less than 4 minutes. This will be the first of 5 (possibly 6) videos on the country. Stay tuned to learn more!

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  • Where the Fuck Is My Sunderlords 7 months ago

    what did the west world do wrong? :


  • NOOBNUT08 7 months ago

    Sounds like Bhutan is a brave new world and North Korea is 1984.

  • Der Daniel 7 months ago

    hey, just fond your channel. I like your videos and wanted to offer a place to sleep, if you ever want to visit germany.

  • kenley chimi 7 months ago

    I really miss our beautiful country. Thanks for updating Mr.Drew. coming soon😍 excited

  • ShadowNinjas20 Uchiha 7 months ago

    Visit Nepal India japan and China best places in the world imo me being from Asia don’t be mad

  • Jitendra Singh 7 months ago

    Drew pls send. me link of Epidemic sound u used, I searched but didn't find this one.

  • ferdie 7 months ago

    Kinda like NORTH KOREA

  • Why does it look like old people everywhere? Where's the young women? Maybe they left Bhutan for jobs in India or elsewhere because of the mass poverty there.

  • Marco Tabo Silalahi 7 months ago

    That kind of government i want to know.
    Its so heartwarming to know that it is so different to any other country

  • Thank god they don't allow many tourists, too many places are ruined by tourism and the ensuing greed for money from tourists. My favourite places are places that have preserved their culture and nature. My own country is slowly being ruined by tourism, my childhood places are now filled with malls and restaurants, and natural land is closed off and must pay to enter

  • Versus 7 months ago

    Please visit Pakistan we are eagerly waiting to serve you great food,hospitality and beautifull mountains ❤

  • Shaching Mong Marma 7 months ago

    This is the land of Buddhist people….there will be always happiness and peace….

  • Shafin Rahman 7 months ago

    Hello Drew. I am a Bangladeshi from Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. I know you have visited Bangladesh once but you should visit it one more time specially during the Bengali new year also known as Pohela Boishakh on 14th April. Every year this celebration happens from the night before on 13th April to the day of 14th April. Bangladesh is one of the least visited countries as our government is mainly focusing on development and after that tourism will be more focused.

    You can go here to see the highlights / "my day" of that organization. Swipe 👉 and you will find a highlight all about "Pohela Boishak".

  • Kushaan Gosalia 7 months ago

    Expensive 😱😮😓