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Compared with China’s other megacities, Beijing is still a traditionalist at heart, so delve into the shops, galleries and restaurants in the city’s old, alleyway-threaded hutong neighborhoods.

Produced by: Jonah M. Kessel and Aaron Wolfe

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What to Do in Beijing, China | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

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  • skchalivetlnd 1 year ago

    1) Don't breathe. The air is TOXIC.
    2) Go to the airport, and leave.

  • Jamie Ostrowski 1 year ago

    HAHA…Look at the girl in the black pants at 3:23 start her pants on fire with the incense!

  • NEᏇ ᎽᎾRᏦ 1 year ago

    The polution there is dangerous but looks good? How?

  • Yska Arvihide 1 year ago

    Make sure you visit Chengde and visit the fake Potala Palace, it's so cool.

  • top china travel 1 year ago

    Great insight

  • 绝世甜瓜 1 year ago

    Winter is worst season in Beijing. Please go there in Autumn.

  • halfvolley11 1 year ago

    Over-rated. Mumbai, India is better.

  • thesuperproify 1 year ago

    definitely on my travel list !

  • TeaganCX 1 year ago

    I'm going to Beijing🙂

  • Joanna Liu 1 year ago

    THIS IS AMAZING!  Thanks for posting this video!

  • planetyimin 1 year ago

    Awful northern mandarin accents 🙁

  • China Icons 1 year ago

    Great insight into Beijing!