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This videos is about ten things you need to know about solo travel in China. Solo traveling can be tricky but with these tips I promise you that you’ll be fine in China next time you travel there.






Have a fjong (good) day!

I’m a Danish girl crazy in love with China. Lingling is my Chinese nickname/alterego who is always up for talking about love in China, travel in China and life in China x

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  • Robert Sarno 9 months ago

    excellent advice. i am planning on a long motorcycle trip around western china and central asia.

  • 梦魇的化身 9 months ago

    你太可爱了 喜欢(❤ ω ❤)

  • Illiterate Scholar 9 months ago

    If you're an iPhone user, your map will work even in China. It helped me out a lot. Works well even in English. For Google maps, you of course need to turn on your VPN.

  • Chi Tsao 9 months ago

    Marry me lingling

  • Xiaochen Jia 9 months ago

    Hast du neues Boy-Freund schoen gefunden? Du bist eine schoene frau. ich mag dir. Bin ich ein Chinesen. Vielleicht brauchen wir uns zusammen….:)

  • Video Out of China 9 months ago

    LingLing is good looking to our standard and she always smiles, so some bold people might ask to take a picture with her. If you are not considered good looking, or always wear a poker face, no one will ask for that…..

  • qingchuan 9 months ago

    very nice suggestions.

  • Ronald C Krause Jr 9 months ago


    Google, Bing, and other search engines/map providers do have offline maps.

    One can download very generalized maps, or the most highly detailed ones on the planet; just depends upon how much memory one wants to use.

  • Jason Ji 9 months ago


  • I see you are using Wechat, I suggest you can start a official account to increase your influence. Besides, you can also upload your videos with Chinese subtitle on bilibili or Youku, also increasing your video trafficking.

  • zs Xie 9 months ago

    True. We can find a panda in zoo. But we can't find a white Caucasian in the zoo. Sorry😂

  • Jessie Horne 9 months ago

    Great Video 👍 Lingling … Lots of valuable information that can be used while solo traveling in China ☺️

  • blususpect 9 months ago

    I'm going to Hubei China do u know what it's Iike there? Anyone?

  • Emmanuel Agyapong 9 months ago

    Am looking forward to my stay in Xian in September 🙂

  • Misbah Haroon Khan 9 months ago

    Where is Reaper?.