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Train travel in India is AMAZING and you don’t need to ride first class to enjoy the journey. Watch us travel coach to Jodhpur and then hop the train to Jaisalmer.

‘Train Hopping’ is when you jump on a cart that has no seats and essentially you just hang on and see where it goes! It’s dangerous and not something we encourage.

An action packed episodes full of train hopping, zip lining, camel riding, beers, curries for days, as well as plenty more to enjoy and discuss about after…. but for now….sit back and relax.

We hope you enjoy this documentary series and our travels in India. Don’t forget to Subscribe and share this series with your travel buddies if you do.

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  • The Budgeteers 7 months ago

    Everyone is being respectful in the comments. A YouTube first? Thanks so much for watching, let us know where you stand on camel riding, let us know of what you think of train hopping in India, and let us know what you think of this series thus far…..

  • Sumit Mahajan 7 months ago

    You should travel to Ladakh…..

  • Sumeet Sharma 7 months ago

    Go up in Mountains

  • Devendra Singh 7 months ago

    You guys are really awesome really you motivated me to my dream job become a tour guide India thanks a lot

  • Truth Teller 7 months ago

    If Lina is vegetarian then this step is commendable.
    But if she's a nonvegetarian then it's just hypocrisy at its best. Go watch how animals are being chopped off just to satisfy your taste buds. How they are stuffed like a Teddy bear in small containers, steroid injections, pain, agony etc that comes with it. There's also a documentary on Mc Donald's way of torturing chickens

  • Sameer Rathore 7 months ago

    #MESMERIZING. This vlog… was THE BEST travel vlog I have seen in a long time. BOTH the locations(Jodhpur, Jaisalmer) were AMAZINGLY Gorgeous. The Forts there .. just WOW. I #Disagree with Lina… far more violence is done to Chicken/Lambs/Cows etc in Industrial Meat/Poultry farming.. than done on Horses/Camels/Elephants by their handlers, who (usually) are in that business for generations. These handlers are not heartless.. they grow up with Camels/Horses/Elephants their whole lives. Example.. Look at that one camel (29:00) s/he was NOT tied(in legs) because most likely that camel is already domesticated enough.. as compared to that other one which was probably younger.

  • THE FREAKING Engineer 7 months ago

    26:57 ayy she looks beautiful 😍 what's her nameee?

  • The Travellers Cooke Book 7 months ago

    4.17 .. that's some angry chewing going on 🙂 Good to see your guys respect each others take on the camel riding …. Looking forward to your next adventure ….

  • Jaqen H'ghar 7 months ago

    Do motorbike adventure in the mountains in ladakh

  • Mike Kay 7 months ago

    What a wow episode, epic cinematography, editing and commentary. Just keeps getting better each time!

  • amit bajia 7 months ago

    you have not seen the other side of camel behavior. sometimes they become aggressive in particular season and can become uncontrollable if they are not pierced in nose.camels can bite a person head and sit upon a man until he or she not dies.only by nose piercing these man can control their aggressive behavior .but this(aggressive behavior) is only by some aggressive camels otherwise camel is very nicely behaved animal. These peoples are raring camels from many years and they know well how to control them.i also have seen camels nose piercing in my village. yeah this is very painful process for camels but this is only way to control camels.

  • Kumarjeet Chowdhury 7 months ago

    You guys are the absolute best when it comes to making travel videos.. I don't understand why you have so less subscribers and views. I guess your subscribers and viewers are not the random roamers there for only 2 mins.. Your channel might just be one of the few on youtube with a loyal fan base that watch complete videos..Kudos.. Keep going mate…And yeah "I side with Paddy on the camel issue".. 😛 ..

  • Sulfen 7 months ago

    I would have preferred to go through the desert on a 4 wheeler. Much faster and there's no moral issue because you can abuse automotives all you want till it breaks.

  • Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia 7 months ago

    Camels have been roaming the world for years,period. I saw no harm at all done and they looked content. The guide who cooked your meal depends on your cash to get him and his family through every month.Camel tours are important and will continue to please the tourists. I lived in the Sinai Desert for many years and even saw camels' heads up for food! The funny part (for me!) were the camels always eating straw roofs and your belongings!

    ''Vegetarians…. if you cook 'em right, they taste delicious!''

  • Alicia W 7 months ago

    I'm enjoying the episodes at this length! Thanks for the great content guys, and appreciate they varying perspectives on travel, while treating one another with respect!

  • Oliver Millin 7 months ago

    Another great episode guys!!! I loved the respectful approach over the Camel issue and hope you all had a great time. Really feel like I need to get out see the world every time I tune in!! Will be sure to share your channel to all my friends as I think what you are doing is so awesome!!!

  • Smith 7 months ago

    Come to kerala in south. Without kerala you cant enjoy india in complete.

  • Sandeep Goyal 7 months ago

    Amritsar gonna rocking. Hope you guys enjoying

  • Willy Kare 7 months ago

    A beautiful beautiful EP guys…Johdpur is so Gorgeous and the desert trip is amazing footage. I cannot wait till your next episode!!! Love! 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Sushil Kumar 7 months ago

    Looks beer is the secret of their strength. Lol mine is only water.

  • Ashish Sajwan 7 months ago

    Amazingly done Budgeteers! It makes me miss my train rides back home. It is nice to see a healthy debate on camel ride here. Personally, I would like to do what Lina did, but then I am not vegan yet so can't really advocate that stand too. I also think this channel deserves way more subscribers and these videos, way more views. Keep up the good work guys, views/subscriptions will take care of themselves 🙂

  • Jobert Menguito 7 months ago

    Thank you Lina for caring about the camels. You should educate your friends how these camels, like the elephants in Thailand, are trained to carry people on their backs.

  • Mukut Ray 7 months ago

    I literally had goosebumps while watching all the episodes because it was like a trip down the memory lane filled with Nostalgia. Me and my friends did the exact same places (not in the same order though), that you've shown till now, earlier this year. And mother of all coincidences is that we too had a Belgian and a Columbian in the group!! Lol!! love the content and how you guys capture the true essense of "travelling".
    As far as the Camel abuse issue is concerned, Yes! We too did the Camel Safari and it did cross our minds for a bit but Paddy's argument is what we all could relate to at that point. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and Mad respect for Lina for taking a stand and sticking to her decision
    Can't wait for the next Episode. Go Budgeteers!!

  • Frankflores111 7 months ago

    LOVED IT. Guys, I have a question!, what is the outro song's name? Thaaankss

  • deepaksetia 7 months ago

    If summers then go north, if winters or rainny go south.

  • Saket Puranik 7 months ago

    Well its fine riding Camel as far as they are treated fairly. Train hopping is dangerous . I have never done that as an Indian.

  • Kerri Carder-McCoy 7 months ago

    Awesome video as always!

  • Joshua Furey 7 months ago

    Beautifully done !!! As well as being a good laugh as always 👍🏼🌏🍻
    Makes me want to go to India more then ever 👌🏼 thanks for sharing your journey guys.

  • Lindsay Mc 7 months ago

    The prettiest. Didn't make it here on my trips but ya'll just put them on my radar! Also, Lina you're a queen for that call on the camel trip, I wouldn't have done it either (but not holding it against you fellas) another fantastic video <3