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Looking for the perfect holiday camera? You may not have considered a bridge camera – these devices tend to be more affordable than DSLRs, with similar handling and versatility, and many offer superb features like the massive 65x zoom of the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Matt takes the SX60 HS to Budapest to demonstrate what makes it such a great travel camera.

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  • Zeeshan Nasir 11 months ago

    Good review. I got my sx 60 and it's zoom lense plus performance is superb. I love it.

  • AestheticDanielvevo 11 months ago

    Dude thank you so much!! I really wanted a camera but I didn't know what to use and tbh I might just buy this! It has a flip screen, good photos, wifi enable, its in my budget, what I do want to know is does it have good audio and is it good quality for regular YouTube videos ?

  • Droidz Hunterz 11 months ago

    what would be the next step up, image quality wise?

  • Karl Malden's nose 11 months ago

    Good if you need the large zoom, shoot in good light.

  • poncio dupont 11 months ago

    Let's face it: You & I are NEVER going to expose at the Fine Arts Museum.
    Therefore being persnickety about the IQ & HDR rendition will only complicate the pleasure of having such a long zoom range and the clean 1080 video this camera offers for the price, almost after 2 years after it came out. Small sensor? Yes, since I've been shooting with my Lumix FZ50 & LX5, having two great satisfactions: Both give decent, well detailed images, great enough to be seen on my computer screen. I NEVER print, but I worked & printed a 11×17 hard copy from my wife's vacation, finished on canvas, and the wife is happy (every one who's married will understand the profound & deep meaning of this concept: happy wife) So if the wife is happy the camera is great. Mind you: both cameras are WORK HORSES. This SX60 belongs to the Canon Series of no frills, no compromise series. Remember: the more expensive the camera is, the greater the disappointing when you discover major problems.
    Sorry for my long letter.
    I don't want to leave without congratulating you on your fine video.
    Great exposition. Very helpful, and the images both came straight out from the camera.
    Have a great day & keep on sharing!!

  • VanceAnce 11 months ago

    yep – my talk:
    i just use a bridge camera – if you wanna take a look:

    nice vid

  • ICY MUSIC NCS 11 months ago

    lovely stuff