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Japan Rail Pass Travel in Winter (Full itinerary here Includes Hokkaido, the Sapporo Snow Festival and the Otaru Snow festival on the northern island. And this all takes place on a 7 Day JR Pass for tourists. The journey starts on the mainland, Honshu island, including Osaka, Shirakawa-go, Nagano, the Snow Monkey Onsens, Takayama, Takaragawa onsen, and a short stop at Tokyo. Plus many more journeys and adventures in Japanese Snow. It takes in early February, with similar winter weather to January, and we are also there during the Setsabun Festival to mark the first day of Spring.

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  • Merit Adventure 1 week ago

    how beautiful country Japan

  • Nacho Monreal 1 week ago

    2:34 ”Toyoko in”??

  • My eyes are open No More Lies 1 week ago

    love japan and japan people <33

  • zen channel 1 week ago


  • shubus 1 week ago

    Did a whole lot on the 7 day JR Pass. Money well spent on such a great itinerary.

  • Songs Mirth 1 week ago

    I envy you. May I ask what the place was where the buildings where just buried in the snow toward the end? At 13:02? And would they be insulted if I as an older American woman wanted to buy a kimono? They are SO beautiful! I don't know if I could afford it but . . Also, I'd like to see their Japanese old music. I don't know the name of it but the actors with white faces who sing in a type of operatic way? Am I making sense at all?? lol Thank you for doing this. I'm from Montana and this is making me feel a whole lot better. We've gotten 13 inches of snow in the last two days. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Fun stuff. 🙂 Songsmrith

  • salih kırca 1 week ago

    we love japans

  • memorystar 72 1 week ago


  • mizuhato 1 week ago

    Thanks for your visiting to my hometown.

  • Junya Fukuyama 1 week ago

    If your friends or families are traveling in Japan, this insurance would be pretty useful:)

  • Birjoy Boro 1 week ago

    Wow very beautiful place

  • Birjoy Boro 1 week ago

    Amazing Japan country

  • Nagendaranmathan Nagendaaranmathan 1 week ago

    Super super good welcome

  • Tom Burchill 1 week ago

    Japan has it all: fantastic scenery, crazy good food, history, culture, awesome nightlife and so much more in a amazingly safe and polite environment.

  • ヨーダ YO 1 week ago


  • Rygene Smith 1 week ago

    I love Japan !!!!

  • Mohammad Reza Ravash 1 week ago

    Beautiful country with people with culture🇯🇵

  • Mohammad Reza Ravash 1 week ago

    My love 🇯🇵

  • unicorn light 1 week ago

    2:08 What is this place called? 🙂

  • ItsAMeHProduction 1 week ago

    I’ve always wanted to see a travel video like this! No added music, no fancy editing, just little moments in someone’s day to day. It’s so relaxing, you did an amazing job!

  • Stevan Djukic 1 week ago

    some moments are beautiful…greetings from Serbia

  • 适度 1 week ago


  • 适度 1 week ago